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Flash mobs – someday I’ll be in one….


ok, seriously. Would you ever be part of a flash mob? Would you ever be the starting person where everyone thinks you’re totally crazy?

I don’t think I could ever be the starter….too chicken. =)

Stolen Kisses – A Chapter for the New Voices Contest

Some of you, and I admit you have good reason, think I’m possibly a little crazy. Cuckoo. Looney Tunes.

This would be true.

Some of you remember last year, I entered the Mills and Boon New Voices contest. And actually ended up in the top four.

Few of you, however, know about the stress of checking the roses every day to see if your score is getting better. Or checking the comments to see if someone has left something good – or potentially damaging.

Just as well, cuz it wasn’t pretty.

I took days off from work to write. I harassed people into voting for me. I walked around in a daze, trying to make my characters/plot/pivotal moment as strong as they could be, then tried to transfer that to paper.

I stressed. I gained 10 pounds.

But, in the end, I finished in the final four, talked to a couple editors and currently have 3 chapters and a synopsis in to an editor at Mills and Boon.

And I got my picture in the paper. =)

But the crazy part is? I did it again.

Entered the same contest, with the same roses. Different story, but ….yeah, someone call for the guys in white coats with strait jackets!

So if you’re bored, go to to read a chapter of Stolen Kisses. If you’re super bored, register and click those roses.

This year, I’m taking it all in stride. Calm, cool and collected. That’s me.

Um…excuse me? Didn’t I just tell you to go click roses? Why are you still sitting here? Go on. Scram!




Send over another flaming shooter please

You’ve just got to watch this. Seriously? How many tequila shooters does it take before you think slicing limes with a fan is a good idea?

Widget Wizardy – Woodie Knows WordPress

Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceGreetings my fellow Chuckers! Pull up a log, grab a handful of pansies and let’s talk widgets.

When you go to your dashboard and look under Appearance, you see a button called Widgets. Clicking on that will bring you to a HUGE bunch of buttons. Note: These buttons are different under and If I mention one that you don’t have, don’t panic. It’s just on the other type of system.

First, if you click on these buttons, nothing happens. Zero. Zip. Nada. They have to be “activated” by dragging them to a sidebar. Depending on your theme, you can have multiple sidebars, one sidebar, or even 5 or 6.

Put your mouse over one of the buttons and it turns into a 4 headed arrow. Then, holding the mouse button down, drag it to your sidebar. Mine is called “main sidebar” yours could be something different.

Generally, your newly placed widget will be open. If not, click the arrow to the right of the title.

Holy schmoley! See all that stuff in there? That’s information YOU need to fill out. The easiest way is to open one browser window and view your blog, open another browser window and work on the code. When you make a change to your widget, refresh the other browser page and take a look-see.

Now, unfortunately I can’t go through every single widget, but if you need help with one, holler ok?

Back to your widget. Are you still with me? Are your eyes rolling up in your head yet? Patience. Print this article out or bookmark it. Practice. You’ll get the hang of it, promise.

Make sure every time you make a change to your widget, you click SAVE at the bottom! Promise me!

There’s two other buttons on the widget that you need to know about. Stop that, I can hear you groaning clear over here in my cornfield. One is CLOSE, which closes the widget window and tidies up the joint a bit. The other is DELETE. Self-explanatory I’m hoping. =)

And finally – please note there are TWO areas of widgets. One is AVAILABLE and the other is INACTIVE. oooooo what’s all this Woodie? If you have a widget you’re going to want to use again, just not at this particular time (like a Christmas video or progress report) then when you drag it back to the AVAILABLE side, it keeps the information in it. In 10 months when you’re ready for Christmas music again – and who isn’t? – simply drag it back to your sidebar again, and voila….you have everything in your widget. No fiddling.

If you don’t ever want to see the information in your widget again – childhood pics of when you were a young kit – awkward! – then drag it down to the bottom INACTIVE area. poof! no more pics of you with a Mohawk.

Them’s the basics of widgets boys ‘n girls. Got questions? Ask ’em here!

Date Night – Dinner, A Movie and Drinks

My husband is cheap. I mean CHEAP. He squeaks when he walks. If I say honey, why don’t you buy Hanes instead of Great Value, he’ll actually say “squeak squeak squeak”. And I know I’m not the only one married to such a cheapskate thrifty man.

So here today, is your cheap date. Dinner (ok, just the recipe) a Movie (generally supplied by Youtube and less than 4 min long) and Drinks.

Hachacha. Hot time in the town tonight.

Nacho supremo. Start with a bag of Doritos or corn tortilla chips. Spread chips out evenly on a microwave safe plate. Top with a handful of shredded cheddar cheese, and nuke one minute. On top add your ingredients of choice. I recommend ground beef (cooked), crumbled bacon (the already cooked kind if you’re feeling flush, cook it yourself if you’re CHEAP), jalapenos and tomatoes. Some people think this would be a good spot for mushrooms or even black olives, but….ew.

Top that with shredded cheddar cheese. Either microwave 2 min or melt in the broiler part of your oven for a few minutes til melted.
Voila. Supper.

Smart Ass Romance - Bottums Up - Fun Drink RecipesWhile the cheese is melting on your nachos, lets put together a fun little drink called The Salty Chihuahua.
Rub a lime wedge (or even a wet finger!) around the rim of a glass.
Salt the rim.
Fill with ice.
Add in one shot of tequila. (the good stuff, now’s not the time to be cheap!)
Fill with grapefruit juice.
By now the nachos should be done.

Grab a chair, sit back and lets enjoy a few moments of Marco Tempest and his Phone Cam Magic – And ps – Your drink isn’t too strong – it’s the cameraman who’s wobbly on the first one!


and one more, just cuz I lurrrrrrrrrrrrrve Marco


Now that’s a date even a cheapskate would approve of.



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