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Fashionable Apparel for People Like Me – Crazy Cat Lady Goes Shopping

Crazy Cat Lady sometimes has a yen for shopping. Something that is cat hair free. Cat hair proof. And when all else fails, adorned with cats.

Therefore, today CCL will take you into the wonderful world of shopping for apparel and even accessories that are humorous, gorgeous, outlandish, but most of all – cat’ish.

We’ll start at the top and work our way down.

First of all, a pink furry cat hat like this one will do you a world of good when walking down any street, in any major metropolis. Can’t you see it now? People will stop and stare, probably thinking you are a celebrity of some sort. Don’t be shy. Wave to the nice people!

For those of you wishing to be more…understated….you can try this sequined cat headband instead.

Next up, earrings of course! These Dancing Cat Earrings from Edward Gorey look especially fancy when you’ve got that extra wiggle in your walk, and these cat earrings, from Tacky Trashwear (what a name!) are classics in black.

Bees Knees Knitting from Etsy features this ADORABLE scarf and it’s on CLEARANCE (CCL looooves clearance) while Amazon features a silk and sequined version for those nights out on the town.

Cat necklaces! You can never have too many! Some made from diamonds, some in glass, some ferocious and some…some…hmm…different.

We’ll move on to cat sweaters, these here by Pretty Snake from Etsy, complete with movable eyes. A Cheshire Cat t-shirt that simply must be seen to be believed. And this one too…er…a cat’s eyes sweater. We’ll call it “daring” shall we?

To the bottoms! Crazy Cat Lady Boxers! Who knew? But so cool….A teal cat skirt.. (the skirt is teal, not the cat) and a Hello Kitty mini.

Cat socks and shoes? But of course! Siamese cat slippers top the list. Chat Noir Kneehighs , Felix the Cat socks and Hi-Top ‘Rock-Anna Cat’ hand painted shoes.

But here’s my favorite site of all The Animal Rescue Site. Great clothes, great bargains. And on their donate page, you can donate to animals stranded by Irene, handicapped shelter animals, and many more. It’s well worth a visit. Or two.

Get out that charge card, and lets go shopping.



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