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Cat Communication – Tails, Teeth and MEOW! – The Crazy Cat Lady Speaks Kitteh

We all talk to our cats right? Right. Even if you said wrong, I won’t believe you. So there.

Some cats are quite vocal and some seem to know exactly what we’re saying. “Bedtime!” And Sylvester will be in there before anyone else, reclining on the bed as if to say “Where ya been?”

Some cats meow when their water dish is empty or the kitty litter is full. One of my cats will flip the water dish with her paw, bang-bang-banging it until someone fills it up for her. Cats can make over 100 different vocal sounds from meows to purrs to quacks. Yes, one of our cats can quack.

Demanding puss.

What are some other ways cats communicate?

Headbutting or a wet nose “kiss” means affection, or “Dude, I like you!”

Tail straight up with a curl at the end means happiness. “Is that a curl in your tail or are you just happy to see me?”

Lifting head slightly with chin up means the same thing as the farmer wave in Iowa. “Yo.”

Rapid meowing means “Hello hello hello I’m happy to see you hello hello hello!”

Ears flattened to the side means “Danger Will Robinson!”

Tail twitching violently from side to side. “Hasta la Vista, baby.”

Lying on back or side with legs spread outward. “Just relaxin, hanging with the homeboys.”

Paddling or kneading “This is the life.”

Slow, blinking eyes. “I luvs you.”

Rubbing head against you means “You. Are. Mine.”

Meowing is actually a response cats learn so they can talk to US. Crazy eh?

Oh, and for your information, dogs can communicate too! Umm…mostly about food.

=) Does your pet communicate with YOU?


7:20am cat crazies – The Crazy Cat Lady wakes up

There is something about an alarm clock going off that seems to bring out the primal beast in cats. I’m not sure if my alarm carries an internal high-pitched whistle? If every time 7:20 rolls around there’s a sudden release of catnip in the farm air? I suspect scientists will congregate at my house soon to test.

On mornings the cats let me actually sleep all the way through til 7:20, here is what happens.

7:20am. Michael Buble begins singing The Way You Look Tonight. Within 30 seconds Spook appears and mews, demanding being petted. He eventually settles on my left side while I grope for the snooze. Marmalade hisses at Spook and goes to lay on the floor. Oscar bleats (yes, just like a sheep) and circles my head, wanting his treats. I pet him over the top of Spook and eventually pull out the water bottle, scaring the bejeebers out of Oscar, but gaining me another 3 minutes.

7:25am. Sylvester (the 20lb’er) ambles over and plops down right next to my pillow, purring. I desperately lean over Spook, dislodging him, and hit the snooze. Spook plops immediately back into place, Marmalade and Oscar get into a fight over who gets out the door first and Sylvester stomps off because I haven’t pet him enough.

7:26am. Major hissing at the door, a pillow is thrown and hissing stops. Spook doesn’t move, he’s possibly comatose. Sylvester tromps off to stand next to the alarm clock. Oscar appears on the nightstand, and begins clanging the lamp pulls against the metal base. Pinggggg, Pingggg, Pinggg.

7:27am. Marmalade picks a fight with Tygrrr who is patiently waiting outside the bedroom door. Sylvester begins to eat my printed out manuscript that is lying on the nightstand. Oscar gets one more dose of water, then leaps off the bed, landing directly in the middle of the Marmalade/Tygrrr WWE wrestling match.

7:28am. Sylvester gets a sharp word, Spook is a dead weight on my side. I can’t get out from under the covers. WWIII is taking place in the living room.

7:29am. Sylvester begins to dance, somewhat of an Irish clog on any and every single loose piece of paper on the floor, flinging them wildly over his head. Spook, having been finally dislodged, digs his claws in to my side, hoping to get me to stay. Marmalade appears to be the victor this morning having pranced off, leaving Oscar and Tygrrr to battle it out for 2nd place.

7:30am. Final song from Michael Buble. The TURN OFF THE ALARM button is pulverized. Cats leap out of my path as I stomp to the bathroom and slam the door shut. Little paws immediately appear under the doorway. I yell PRIVACY!! when more paws appear. WWIV appears to be happening in the bathroom hallway.

7:31am. I appear at my computer, sweaty and wild-eyed. I open a bag of treats and spread them from one of the desk to the other, feeding all cats in one fell swoop.

7:32am. I sit in front of the computer and bring it online.

7:33am. I stand up, open the door to the outside world, as all cats appear to have forgotten how the cat door works.

7:34am. Sit in front of the computer. Trembling. Blood pressure is 200/178. Dribbles of sweat course down my spine. I open the email box. 68 unread messages.

7:35am. One by one, all kitties stop by, rubbing their head against my arm, saying good morning mom.

sigh. Life with the Crazy Cat Lady is never boring! enjoy the video below!





10 Random Things About Me – The Crazy Cat Lady Lets Loose

#10 – Crazy Cat Lady had always been a Crazy Dog Lady until she met Crazy Cat Man. It’s amazing how fast your world can change!

#9 – All of CCL’s cats are rescues. One cat they actually paid cash for, but it was bought from a cat sanctuary.

#8 – All of CCL’s cats are spayed, and not declawed. We’re on a farm, they’re going to need to protect themselves. Of course we no longer have much left for furniture….

#7 – CCL’s farm appears to be a dumping ground for people who no longer want their cats. We generally find one a year.

#6 – CCL has found homes for four cats that have been found at her farm door. One more cat unfortunately had to be euthanized it was so ill, yet someone still dumped it. This makes CCL even crazier.

#5 – Sunshine was the most remarkable of the strays. We kept hearing a howling cat outside, and finally found him. His head was bald on top from a recent injury and he was skinnnnnnnny. We found out his rightful parents lived a mile away, so we drove him home. The next day he came back. We tried again, and each time the cat walked a mile back to our house. Eventually we found a home for him and by then he was absolutely enormous. Well over 20 lbs. I still call and check on him. =)

#4 – Our cats favorite toy? An old mattress that’s standing upright on one end. They run wildly up one side and then lay on the top. King of the Mountain – until the next one comes up.

#3 – Crazy Cat Man planted catnip some years ago for the little darlings. We now have 5 acres of catnip. Five. Acres.

#2 – We have two cat doors. One leads to the outside from the mudroom, the other from the kitchen to the mudroom. Mainly because it gets COLD here in Iowa. The other is to try to keep varmints out. It doesn’t work. Here’s a picture of a skunk in our kitchen, who came in via the cat doors. He was gently encouraged to leave.

#1 – CCL spent part of her 40th birthday in the emergency room after breaking up a cat fight in her kitchen. She has since learned her lesson and now tosses a towel or something STURDY between the two terrorists before intervening.

There you go Kerry – 10 things no one ever knew about me!



and for those of you who read this far, here’s 10 from the lady behind the crazy cats..

10. If I’d gone to college right out of high school? I’d have been a home ec teacher. Other occupations would have been physical therapy, networking, professional bartender and sports rehab.
9. I’ve always done crafty things – sand candles and clothespin soldiers in girl scouts, macrame in my teens followed by a horrifying yet short career in tole painting. Now I make jewelry, design t-shirts, write, design websites and book covers in my spare time. Two of my paintings still hang in the local golf course – in the women’s restroom.
8. I once thought I could pull a 5 gallon bucket of paint off of the top shelf in a store and catch it. I was wrong.
7. I’m terrified of driving over bridges. To the point I’ll probably never leave the state again unless someone else is driving me.
6. I get lost. A lot. My parents finally bought me a GPS. It loses patience with me and says quite snottily “Recalculating.” I’ve ended up in different states because I was so lost. This is probably what eventually brought on the bridges and exits problems.
5. I feel I must learn, continually. I read, I watch, I learn. Every day.
4. If I stacked all my t-shirts one on top of each other, the stack would be over 15 feet tall.
3. The biggest things I’ve ever won? 3rd grade spelling bee – by spelling the word beautiful. Technically, after felling at least 5 other kids the teacher pronounced it beee-aaaa-uuuuu-tiful and then I got it, and it was fourth grade, but 3rd sounds so much cooler. I also won 2nd place in the Mills and Boon New Voices contest last year, and $50 in the lottery once.
2. I hate driving on interstate. The worst is taking an exit. I once missed the entire town of Denver, Colorado and all of its suburbs because I couldn’t find the right exit.
1. I once got lost in a restaurant. It was so dark I couldn’t find the exit, ended up in the women’s restroom and waited in a stall until someone left so I could follow them out. They instead went back to their table, leaving me standing in the center of the restaurant until some poor waitress came to help me out. Literally. Help. Me. Out.

Kitteh Giggles – Crazy Cat Lady Needs a Splash of Humor

Crazy Cat Lady occasionally has a case of the blues and needs some humor in her life. Crazy Cat Lady also needs a 15 foot long lint brush, but that’s a little harder to come by.

So, in the interest of fun and giggles, here’s a few of CCL’s favorite cat photos, videos and songs.

lolcats funny cat picturesCowmaflage

lolcats funny cat picturesFat Cat Speaks

lolcats funny cat picturesHovercat

lolcats funny cat pictures

lolcats funny cat pictures

seriously? the last one makes me laugh until I cry.

CCL lady feels much sunnier now.



Crazy Cat Lady entertains in Wal Mart

You know those pictures you see of People of Wal Mart? Generally some 400 pound woman in a thong and nothing else or a scrawny man dressed in a bikini?

Well, I prefer to entertain Wal Mart in my own personal way. By buying cat food. And cat treats. Kitty litter. The random fluffy toy.

It’s best, when I go on the cat buying spree, to find a young cashier. They’re the most entertaining.

“Wow, guess you have a cat.” Scan, scan, scan.

“Six actually.”

Scanning process stops momentarily as they digest this information. “Are they all inside cats?”

“No, we live on a farm.”

Scanning resumes. “Ohhhh, that’s okay then.”

As if I should send a few to the shelter if I lived in town.

“Do they really eat all of this food?” Scan, scan, scan.


Scanning pauses again. “Seriously?”

“This is only for today and tomorrow, then I’ll have to buy some more.”

Various cat food cans clatter to the floor. “Oh.” Cashier backs up a few steps, sets the spray bottle closer to hand. Crazy Cat Lady at checkout two.

“Maybe you can be my cashier then, too?” I smile, pluck a piece of fur from my shirt. Blink disarmingly.

Carrie Spencer Crazy Cat Lady Smart Ass romance“I’m actually–well, this is–um”

I can hear the wheels click.

“I’m moving. Today’s my last day.”

Ooooo….a wiley cashier. I’m wilier. “Maybe you’d like a kitten? One of our cats is pregnant.” Technically all of our cats are spayed, but what your Wal Mart cashier doesn’t know…..

“The… where I’m moving?” Scan, scan, scan at the speed of light. “They don’t allow pets.”

“Oh, that’s a shame.” She’s now fiercely loading my cart as quickly as if it’s an Olympic Event. “Would you like to see my photos?” I reach for my purse.

“NO!” Red cheeks, clearing of throat as the Customer Service lady glances over in consternation. “No, I’ve got to get to the next customer. You know. Busy busy busy.”

I notice the shaking hands, the twitching eyes. Flushed cheeks, nibbling lips.

Yes, I’ve done my duty. Crazy Cat Lady has struck again.


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