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Cheap Date Night – All Hail the Jalapeenie Weenie

What? You’ve never had a Jalapeenie Weenie? I’m shocked. Dismayed. Horrified.

Best of all, I’m going to remedy that situation.

Jalapeenie Weenies

2 hot dogs
1 flour tortilla
Shredded cheddar cheese
Sliced jalapenos

Wrap the 2 hot dogs in a paper towel and nuke for about 1 min and 20 seconds. They’ll be hot! So be careful. Next, set a flour tortilla on a plate. Chop the two hot dogs up and drop on the tortilla. Top with salsa, cheese and jalapenos. Put back in the microwave for 30-45 seconds to melt the cheese and heat the salsa.
Roll up like a burrito and ENJOY.

Smart Ass Romance - Bottums Up - Fun Drink RecipesQuick, easy, cheesy and nummy. What more can you ask for with a 2 minute meal? Eat your heart out Rachel Ray.

Now that we’ve got our Jalapeenie Weenie, lets have something fun to drink with it.

Strip and Go Naked

Yes, if one is consuming Jalapeenie Weenies ( I enjoy saying that, can you tell? ) one must have the perfect drink. Try this one on for size!

1 can (or bottle if you’re high class!) of beer
1 shot of vodka
1 shot of lemonade

Mix together in a big glass, Jalapeenie Weenie in front of you (and another for your significant other of course) and watch this clip of the Photoshop Reconstruction of Eleanor of Aquitane. You’re now officially in the Cheap Date Zone.



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