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Found it on Pinterest – French Manicure Made Simple? Not so Much.

I admit to being totally and absolutely hooked on Pinterest. I love it when someone follows me, likes a pin I’ve found or I find some great recipe or DIY project. So, I’ve decided to delve into a few of these (since I have 1000 pins just sitting there waiting for me to do SOMETHING – ANYTHING – with them!)

So I found this post on someone else’s pin board – Effortless French Manicure. And without actually READING the instructions, because after all, why WOULD I? I immediately ran to the stationery store, purchased little round rings and went to work.

French Manicure Fail

I chose Raspberry Love My Nails from my extensive nail polish collection dating back to the early 90’s. (ignore the Wheat Thins box in the background – painting nails is hungry work) And immediately slapped on a coat.

French Manicure Fail

First, if you paint your nails as per usual, you get a little ridge of polish right after the circle. Not good. So I then tried painting in an arc around the circle.

French Manicure Fail

Probably should have used a thicker polish that wouldn’t take two coats eh?

French Manicure Fail

You’ll also notice my middle finger doesn’t have much of a nail. That of course happened about 15 minutes before I tried this experiment. I won’t tell you what I was doing, just that it involved bad cats. =) Anywho, I waited until the nail polish dried, then peeled off my circles. First, let me say, the circles DON’T JUST PEEL OFF. They’re pretty darn sticky. Second, well…just look…

French Manicure Fail

Ok, so …ew. First it looks like I went into surgery without my snappy rubber gloves on. Second, it leaked under the sticky circly things. In less than 30 seconds after this photo was taken, all traces of my super-easy french manicure had been removed.

Of course, that didn’t stop me from trying it again! If anything, I’m waaaaay stubborn!

Early the next morning, say around noonish, I tried again. FIRST I put down a base coat. This, I assume would stop the circles from sticking to my nails. Then I painted, and removed the circles while the polish was still wet. Or I should say I TRIED to remove the circles. Not only did the stick, but when I finally got them pried off, it removed most of the base coat. On the plus side, it’s an easy fingernail polish remover!

French Manicure Fail

This photo is even after I went back and free handedly added in more polish to try to round out the edges. The pointer finger doesn’t look TOO bad, but the rest? Disaster.

French Manicure Fail

Here you can see the base coat’s just a shredded mess.

French Manicure Fail

Okay…back to the nail polish remover! Lesson learned.



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