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Going to Graceland – Swinging good Links with Elvis

So much has been written about Elvis, so many images, so many ….well, paintings, coffee mugs, whiskey decanters, t-shirts and sightings. Me? I’m just going to toss a few items at you. No sightings, I promise.

The official Elvis Website – From here you can buy tickets to Graceland. Get $4.99 flat rate shipping on the Elvis Potato Head, get your own TCB logo necklace, view the Graceland cam and report Elvis sightings. (ok, I lied.) It appears has a bit of a sense of humor about itself these days!

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.
I have no words.
Ok, just one.

For me, it’s the music. I adore listening to Elvis. I can (and have) listened to him for months at a time while driving. Until DH finally says ENOUGH. Did you know Sirius has an all-Elvis all the time station? Here’s a list of The Times best 50 Elvis songs ever.
For me personally, the first time I heard Elvis’s Christmas music, I fell in love.

Get your own Elvis Visa card. Now. Go on, I’ll wait.

The Elvis App

Elvis on Etsy

Zombie Elvis
Elvis Whoopie Pies
Elvis Corset

Elvis Impersonators – The Good, The Bad and The….The…

Elvis Shoes – if these came in wide I would own a pair, I kid you not.

Or maybe these Elvis hightops

elvis shoesOr maybe even these…

So there you have it..a gentle welcome into the world of Elvis. Don’t panic, I’m sure you’ll be hearing more from him soon!



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