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Flair Bartending and Klutzes R Us


I used to dream of being a flair bartender. Unfortunately I have a problem with depth perception, which I didn’t realize until I got beaned on the nose with a half-full bottle of Bacardi.

Nowadays, I’m not sure if I’d be thrilled at watching such an event taking place right in front of my eyes by a bar full of pretty men? or would I just say something obnoxious like hey, can I just have my drink pleaaaaaaaaaase? Does that make me old?

How about you? Give me my drink, or spin it again baby?



Peer Pressure or Just Fun?


Ok, this just puts me on the floor. I’ve watched it at least five times and I giggle every single time. The man on the right shows the perfect hip wiggle, then tossing the shaker away at the end, his entire focus on the woman. The man on the left, well…lol….he has his focus on the man on the right.

Now that you’ve watched the video and giggled….what was the woman on the right wearing? What was the man on the left wearing? Is this something YOUR husband would do if he saw another man impressing his woman this way?

Do tell…what silly thing has your SO done that he never would have without some peer pressure, prodding or jealousy?



Smart Ass Goes to the Olympics


For those of you having Olympic withdrawals, here’s a bit of a giggle. =)

And what’s your favorite I-have-to-watch-it-no-matter-what-time-it’s-on event?

Rewriting Monday

So I loooove Jodie Thomas. I didn’t know I did, it was a surprise love. I thought her book covers looked like Debbie Macomber’s so I didn’t even look twice. Then, one day when I was bored and had NOTHING to read (y’know, except the 3 bags full of books sitting on the sofa – but still) I bought Rewriting Monday. What a blast I had reading it!

Pepper Malone is a journalist who suddenly leaves her last job – after her life is threatened – to move to Bailee, Texas. Her aunt has left her a house in her will, and Pepper needs somewhere to hide out for a bit. Problem is, the aunt isn’t dead. And it isn’t a house so much as a trailer. Complete with a disgruntled cat.

Mike McCulloch runs the local newspaper, who has a motley crew working for him. He hires Pepper and the fun begins. There’s murder, mayhem and the FBI is called in. And that’s just one night in the nursing home! Jodie Thomas writes extremely well, with lots of giggles and outright guffaws. There’s romantic tension, suspense tension and even cat tension. Well worth the money spent and I’ll buy from this author again. And again!


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