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When creativity strikes – Jewelry, book covers, websites and well . . . more!

Sometimes I need outlets for creativity. Then you should write more, Carrie! (I can hear those words in my head, even if you didn’t actually say them out loud)

So, I design.

Sometimes it’s stupid stuff. A t-shirt with a goofy saying. An origami dollar bill. A tower made out of cheese.

And other times, I actually make things worthwhile. Jewelry, book covers. A tower made out of cheese.


So, here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

Lord Midnight

A book cover for Donna Cummings

A website for a small town near here.

The outside sign for our restaurant.

6 million things to do and 20 min to do them in – Carrie’s Family Jewels Etc.

The shopping run from November to December has begun. For me, it starts a little earlier than that, trying to get my jewelry ready for the big show the first Sunday in November. A bit at a time, over this past month, I’ve added in more jewels, some new designs, some old ones updated.

This year I got a bit of a surprise however, when not only did I have to get ready for the jewelry show, but the local gallery requested new jewelry AND some Christmas-themed jewelry for the local Santa’s Castle. Well, I went from 0-60 in 3 seconds. Beads are spread far and wide, and if the cats had opposable thumbs I’d set up a little production line. =)

Oh, and I tossed in a few of the writers t-shirts as well, just for a change of pace. Oh, and a book cover I made for a book (not mine!) coming out next month.

Thanks for peeking!


Artsy Fartsy – Carrie Creates Jewelry…and Stuff

I believe I’ve mention my jewelry before…and the t-shirts. Aaaaaaaaand a bunch of other stuff. =) But here I go again. More jewelry, more t-shirts and now a blog header I made for a very nice lady named Patty Koontz. Feel free to click on the banner and visit her site!

The little glass square necklaces? They’ll be going on sale here shortly…lol..I just discovered a secret stash of over 100 of the little darlings. =) Oops.

I’m a glass half full kind of gal…make mine Jack please

Thanks for stopping by for a look-see!



Displaying the Family Jewels – Arts and Crafts

I’m one of those creative people. I mean, not just in writing, but in lots of other areas as well.

I macrame. Yes, remember the old hanging planters of the 80’s? I made millions. Chokers, bracelets, lawn chairs. I tole painted, I embroidered, I made sand candles. I made decorative elements with cat tails (that yes, did eventually explode in the living room). I freely admit I can’t knit or crochet, and the quilting class instructors eventually retired from teaching FOREVER after just one class with me.

On the other hand, some things I can do well.


Do you make anything? Arts, crafts, whittling, baking? Feel free to share right here, right now.

I’m waaaaaaaaaaiting!



Happy Fourth of July!

I’ve been making jewelry again.

Sometimes entire months will go by before I touch the stack of beads waiting for me, other times I’ll make three pieces in a day. It’s relaxation for me. Except the bridesmaids jewelry – making 5 pieces exactly the same in a short period of time with the bride emailing me hourly. Yeah, not so fun that one.

However, this week was the Fourth, so I made a patriotic necklace. I also made a mosaic turquoise bracelet that I’m pretty sure will be bought the first time I wear it and a simple elephant necklace.

I also made three of my infamous plastic-on-elastic bracelets in –what else– red white and blue.

So, here’s a little eye candy.


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