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150 days and counting

So I’ve been writing like a madwoman.

And I sent off my Mills and Boon first three chapters and a synopsis yesterday. And I’m working on my SYTYCW synopsis and chapter one today to send off on Wednesday to Harlequin. AND I’m trying to finish up my MG for a contest on December 30.

Things have been a wee bit crazy.

Oh, and I started a new story, a Christmas one. =)

So, what do I do in my spare time? lol…I seem to have become the door person for the cats. Let them in, let them out. Rinse, lather repeat.

Although, I do have to say I’m quite thrilled to be writing as much as I am. I belong to a group where you post your daily writing totals. When you get to 100 days of writing with no days off, you win a virtual tiara. As of today, I am at 150 days straight of writing over 100 words a day.

When I did nano, I wrote in the thousands every day. Now, I’m back down to less than 500, but still attacking the keyboard on a regular basis. On my days off, I generally get 2K or more.

For me, it pays to hold me accountable to a group. My writing level has gone up, I’m finishing projects and starting new ones. And my writing skills have improved. Um, my crit partners might not agree with that….lol…but I feel they have.

Guess I just need someone to kick my in the rear every day.


Thanks Club100 for being the kicker!


Day is done…

And the contest is over.

Congratulations, Leah! =)

For the rest of my second place mates, Heidi and Lindsay a small one person standing ovation. We really rocked it, ladies.

For myself, it’s almost a sigh of relief that the stress of the past month and a half is over. It really takes a toll on a person. And on the production of Hershey bars. And I’ve possibly generated new jobs at the Jack Daniels plant in Tennessee.

Sure, I would have loved to won. An editor for a year, a publishing contract. That iPad I had my eye on. But, I’m quite happy in second place. Thrilled even. It’s truly an honor.

AND I get an e-reader. I’ve been coveting an e-reader for years. So, bonus for me. =)

And now for a little rest and relaxation, I’ve joined Nano. What’s Nano? National Novel Writing Month. You write 50K words in 30 days.

Should be a walk in the park, eh?



Mass Hysteria

Greetings all..

Miss me? Heck, I miss me too! lol…things are wild since the New Voices contest..and I’m run run running to keep up! chapter two is up! If you have a moment, stop by and register…..then go to
and click on the little box. thank you!!! =)

I dithered a great deal with Chapter Two….ok, technically I wrote 4 different ones, but I’m pretty darn happy with the one I posted.

If you get a chance, stop by and vote. I’d appreciate it a TON.



New Voices

A couple weeks ago, I entered the Mills and Boon New Voices contest. Here’s my link. I bullied a few people into voting for me, y’know…mom, dad, sisters….employees wanting their paychecks. Little things like that. But as the voting progressed, it seemed I was buried in the pack. 824 stories submitted. Holy guacamole.

Yesterday, I got an email saying I had finalled. *I* had finalled. Are you kidding me? My stomach dropped, my head rolled. I immediately reached for a Hershey bar. (thank goodness Halloween candy is out already) I called my mom, of course. Emailed my sisters, emailed my BFF, screamed out into the driveway and danced for my hubby. (Luckily I explained before he dialed 911 to have me taken away)

I’m thrilled. I’m tickled pink. I’m happy as a clam. Truly.

So, now I get a mentoring team. I giggle every time I say that. It’s such an honor, such a thrill, I don’t have words. I just giggle.

I now must take my 30 pages of chapter two and turn it into something beautiful.

If I win, I get the services of a M&B editor for a year, an iPad and books. But, even if I come in 10th out of 10 (which is nothing to sneeze at mind you!) I still get a hamper full of books, and a letter of advice on my chapters from a M&B editor. Which is worth it’s weight in gold.

But win or lose or draw, this is such a proud moment for me to realize that other people like my writing and my voice.

I’m thrilled. Really.



Diving In

So, today is the day I’m diving in. Headfirst. Into rock-strewn waters. Without a life vest.

Sounds scary doesn’t it?

Well, true enough.

What am I doing that’s so terrifying?

Well, I just finished outlining the chapters of the book. THE book. The one I’m going to send to Harlequin. I have an outline, I have a plot. My characters are a bit unsure of themselves at the moment, but we’ll get to know each other soon enough. I’ll probably even get on their nerves after awhile.

I’ll be posting updates here and there as I slog along through, or begging for advice or begging for chocolate. I have no pride. =)

But most of all I’m just glad I finally have a direction.

I mostly have a direction.

It’s either going to be a heartstring-tugging-while-still-a-bit-humorous story, or a flat-out-hold-your-sides-laughing story. But either way, it’s getting started.


Chapter One.



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