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Best Ever Hunky Dory Peachy Keen Links

Some of the coolest stuff/best advice/neat-o-rama stuff I’ve seen lately.

7 tips for writing better sex scenes

Amazing Steampunk Jewelry

9 ways for writers to use Twitter

Animated Knot Tying for your iPhone =)

The Hero’s Jouney into Kung Fu Panda

A 90″ long stuffed bear

8 Steps to More Concise Writing

Power Nap Chair

LOL Cats – Hey Don, where’s the darts?

Plastic on Elastic – Jewelry for the Cheap but Adorable

Somedays I just purely drip in diamonds. Those days however, are mostly in my dreams. Generally I drip in rhinestones, plastic and sea shells.


Because I’m a poor waitress that’s why! As soon as I hit the big time and push Nora out of the way with my book writing however, it’ll be nothing but emeralds and rubies for me. And my cats!

The little darlings.

Meanwhile, here’s a line of bracelets I call Plastic on Elastic. Fun, quick, and cheeeep!




Happy Fourth of July!

I’ve been making jewelry again.

Sometimes entire months will go by before I touch the stack of beads waiting for me, other times I’ll make three pieces in a day. It’s relaxation for me. Except the bridesmaids jewelry – making 5 pieces exactly the same in a short period of time with the bride emailing me hourly. Yeah, not so fun that one.

However, this week was the Fourth, so I made a patriotic necklace. I also made a mosaic turquoise bracelet that I’m pretty sure will be bought the first time I wear it and a simple elephant necklace.

I also made three of my infamous plastic-on-elastic bracelets in –what else– red white and blue.

So, here’s a little eye candy.



Many of you know how talented I am. Mostly because I keep telling you so. I figure repetition will make the heart grow fonder yes?

Yes. Say it with me now. Yesssss….


Now you’re probably already rolling your eyes, but bear with me a bit. As most of you know who’ve read this blog occasionally know, I write. I may not do it as often as I’d like, or as well, but I’m learning. You might have also stumbled across my bartending hints with some of the lovely drinks I mix up now and again. And some of you have further had experience with my ability to conquer all things HTML and WordPress.


Did you also know I make jewelry? Yup, that’s what makes me multi-faceted.

When I was a kid, I was the one mom sent to every craft class. I made every girl scout project from petrified cattails to sand candles. I learned to tole paint and macrame. I worked in a craft store once and macramed a dozen door banners that spelled out NOEL. Yikes.

Then one day, I decided to make jewelry. Why? Because my friend made me a bracelet. And I said as soon as I put it on – “I can do that.” She gave me a startled look and I said “Oh, I meant thank you.”

I’m multi-faceted, but I’m lacking in social graces.

My first necklace exploded in a million pieces. As did my second, third and fourth. Five held together however. And I was hooked. I have since made over 500 pieces of jewelry, held three or four craft shows and gave tons away for gifts. I sell online (okay, not much because I don’t get a chance to promote it the way I should) and in a few stores locally. People buy my jewelry off my body while I’m at work. I get custom orders while standing in line at Wal-Mart.

Am I bragging? A little. =) But mostly, I’m sharing my relaxation with you. For me creating of any sort, whether it’s writing or jewelry or even, for the love of God, macrame relaxes me. It lets the brain go, the imagination flow. Sometimes I even surprise myself with what comes out in both my writing and in my jewelry.

So occasionally, if you’ll bear with me, you’ll see bits about me, my cats, my writing, my happy bar drinks and my jewelry.

Now let’s hope I don’t take up raising alpacas.


below were my experiments with glitter (which the cats are still wearing) and resin (which I’m still wearing) as well as my octopus necklace. Every girl needs an octopus necklace right? right.


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