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What happens to lost cats? The Crazy Cat Lady Speaks Out

Today marks a sad anniversary for me in two ways. One is my Grandma Starkenburg’s birthday. While she may have passed away many years ago, many memories remain. All good ones.

It is also the one year anniversary of losing our cat, Catzilla to cancer.

Catzilla was a “found” cat. Dumped at our farmhouse, she hardly ever left the house or the front steps after we invited her in, and preferred to sleep in my computer chair. She earned her name, but we’ll never know what abuse she suffered before she found us. She loved snuggling in bed, but did so rarely. She ate until she was round as a Butterball turkey and when she ran playing her cat games through the house, it sounded like a Clydesdale loping through. We miss you Catzilla!

Here’s the story of the ones we’ve “found”.

Sylvester was found in the Wal Mart parking lot. He’s doing fine. 20+lbs, but lost an eye when some other nasty human gave him a kick to the head. Purrs louder than a freight train, loves nap time, sleeps with a paw on my shoulder.

Marmalade was found in the kitten shelter near here. This girl rules the roost, loves to take a nap with her mom and loves to go for rides in a wheelbarrow.

Spook was an extremely underfed gray cat in the Hy-Vee parking lot. Now he’s beautiful. He sleeps with his tongue sticking out. He’s mild mannered and after several months of good food and attention, his stomach ailments from near starvation disappeared.

Tygrrr was given to us by a neighbor who was worried he wouldn’t make it through the winter. He’s had a time of it, our boy. Dislocated his hip and broken toes that left him with a lame leg and permanent limp, but I wouldn’t trade him for the world. He’s strong, independent, loves to go for walks and nothing makes him happier than burning trash with his dad.

Bear was found as a 2 day old baby under the hood of a truck in a parking lot. After weeks of hand feeding through the night and day, our boy is now a hefty 18 lbs. He loves to travel, going 1/8 mile each way to the neighbors and back. He’s big on mousing and the best cuddler of the group.

Catzilla was found crying in our back yard. It took many months to get past the abuse she’d obviously suffered, but she enjoyed sleeping in my computer chair, teasing the boy cats and going for walks with her dad.

Oscar Mayer the Weiner was also found crying in our back yard. He’s beautiful. He loves Whiska’s Temptations treats, rolling in the dirt and bringing in a variety of animals (dead and alive) to his ma and pa. He cuddles in his sleep and sees nothing wrong with waking the household at 4am for biscuits and a good scratching.

We’ve found others here and there, and we’ve found other homes for them.

Sometimes, being a lost cat means you’ll be found by the “right” family.

But for every cat we’ve found, there’s thousands that haven’t been. Shelters are full, many lost cats die of starvation or disease.

Please do your part and spay or neuter your cat. It’s the right thing to do.

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