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Black Tie Friday – How to pay the highest possible price for everything

While the rest of you crazies are out there at 3am, shopping for the best bargains and wrestling with little old ladies for the last Wii, I’m sitting here going through my list of Things I’d Buy if I Were Rich.

Here’s a sampling:

From Hammacher Schlemmer

For 13K, this Motorized Monocycle can be yours. And well worth it might I say. It comes in a variety of colors, including ORANGE and travels at speeds up to 25mph. Buy yours here.

The Conway Stewart Balmoral Fountain Pen – Limited Edition – ONLY FIFTEEN AVAILABLE! Hurry to buy yours now from Pianki

Luxury Laundry Detergent from Neiman Marcus $45 a bottle. Small bottle. by
Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Martin Margiela’s Glass Slippers

Glass slippers ala Cinderella? Sort of. These shoes are being sold not as a pair, but one each at $1277 from Margiela Stores.

24K gold Buddha speakers. Seriously, why don’t you have a set of these? Put it on your Christmas list. Right. Now.

Star Trek Cremation Urn.Um…just click to go see. I’m not kidding. Boldly go where no man has gone before.

FAO Schwarz

A pedal car for junior! Price tag of $1119.99 includes free shipping. It’s a steal!

Geoffrey Parker

A calfskin Rubiks Cube. Nuff said.

Feel Seating System Deluxe

Never has a sofa been so versatile! $8K and it’s all yours.

His and Hers Personal Aircraft

Takes off and lands on water or ground. Runs on regular gas or aviation fuel. GPS so you know if you’re flying the wrong direction. Two seats. Includes flying lessons. $250,000. Oh yeah, it lets you play MP3’s as well. What’s not to like?


Victoria's Secret 2011 Fantasy Bra


2.5 million. This 2011 Victoria’s Secret Fantasy bra was handmade. Featuring over 3,000 precious gems plus two 8 carat white diamonds and two 14 carat yellow diamonds in the center. Holy cow.

Now don’t you feel silly running around in the dark getting your bargains when you could have stayed home and shopped right here!



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