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Hi Ho – Making your blog posts easier with hand made templates – Woodie Knows WordPress

Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceHellloooo my furless friends! I’ve got a bit of exciting news this week. Are you ready? Course you are…

I’d like you to meet my new friend Wilhelmina. This is a pic Carrie took of the two of us on our first date. =) We went to a walk-in movie and had a bit of a snack. Spring is in the air, and so is….romance. Oooh la la!

BUT…I bet you’re waiting to learn more about WordPress eh? All righty then, lets dig in.

Today, we’re going to make templates. Why? Because it’s easy peasy and could save you hours of work. Well okay, technically 5 minutes of work.

Last week we worked on Copy a Post. Well, this is the non-techie-yet-much-incredibly-easier version.

Every week, when I get ready to post, I open a blank post, find the image of moi and then write my article. At the end of every post is my signature, so I once again go to the image editor, find my signature and input.

Could I save myself some searching by just making a template?

You bet your bippie.

First, we’re going to make a open a blank post. I’ll set the title as Woodie Template. Now, I’m off to the image finder to get my graphic and place it in the upper left hand corner as per usual. Then I’m going to jump down a few lines, search for my signature and add that in too.

Looks a bit boring doesn’t it? That’s okay, I’ve now just saved myself five minutes of work EVERY time I post.


Now I’ll go to Save Draft. NOT PUBLISH. This version is for me and me only.

Next time I want to make a Woodie post, I simply go to Dashboard>All Posts.

Up in the top, it says Drafts. When I click on that, it will show me what posts I have on Draft, including Woodie’s template.

Now I’ll select ‘Woodie Template’, and there’s all my hard work. I go to copy first, then open a new post and paste.

Tada. Instant start to my post.

Now if you don’t ever start a post the same like the Crazy Cat Lady and myself, then you’ve just wasted a good 5 minutes reading a Woodie post. =) But you did get to meet my new girlfriend, so all isn’t lost!


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