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Week 3.5 – Done and Done

On Thursday, I nano’d. What does that mean exactly? That I wrote 50,000 words in 26 days.

And then I didn’t stop. I kept going until yesterday, when I finished the book. 199 pages. Over 56K words. Holy cow.

No, I didn’t think it was possible with my work schedule. I didn’t keep up on laundry, the kitchen is disaster and I’m waaaaaaaaay behind in website and jewelry work, but now I can focus on those today. And tomorrow. Because I’m waaaaaaaay behind!

I’ll start on revisions on this new book as well, the heroines eyes change colors, the hero goes from being a cowboy to an FBI agent. Small things like that need fixed. =) But that’s the fun of it, coalescing it into a real, readable book.

So, there you have it. And now with 2.5 more days to go in nano, do I start writing a new one and see how far I can get? Or do I start revising?

Tough call.



Week Three – Taking Names

The dawn of week three of Nano.

I might say I’m a little cocky here, as I already ordered my nano winner shirt. I haven’t worn it yet, but am hoping to by weeks end. As of this point, I am 44,801 words in. And I’ll still be writing a bit more, trying to break 45K this evening.

Piece o cake.

Some of you may think this is silly, writing an entire book in a month. Some might think I’m insane. Both are true. But what I have learned is that I can write this much and (almost) have a normal life. No, I won’t be writing this way continually, but when I’m on a deadline, I know I can push the words out.

And that means alot.

The book has some plot problems, some character problems and even a weird eye-color-changing problem, but those can be fixed when I revise.

And I’m really looking forward to that. Now that I’ve got their personalities nailed, this book is going to sing.



Week Two – Kickin’ Ass

Seriously, I’m kicking ass here. Smartass for sure. =)

I’m on the second week into Nano, and I’m (as of Monday) 31,465 words in. Chapter eleven just got marked off, chapter twelve is halfway finished.

I’d thought I’d reached the black moment (let me remind you, I’m pantsing the entire thing) but when I finished it, by golly I thought of a WORSE black moment. What fun. =)

A short synopis – Cosmetics sales girl Kendall, trying to escape from three overbearing brothers, goes on a singles cruise, hoping to have a great time. Ex-FBI and computer software guru Grant, taking a week off after the death of his aunt, goes on a singles cruise hoping to find a woman ready for settling down. Things happen, and the two find themselves on a deserted (or is it?) island. Tropical storms, a group of criminals and a cat with a bad attitude complicate things just a wee bit. But after their first kiss….it’s magic.

(and fun.)

back to pounding on the keyboard!



A Week in the Trenches

Ok, I’m a week in. One week of fast typing and make up on the spot plotting.

What fun.


I’m currently on chapter five, after three do-overs on chapter two. (change the pov stupid!) And things are going along quite swimmingly. Or they were.

I love to be a pantser, zooming along, waiting to see where the characters take me. But a few months ago, I understood the value of plotting as once again, I got stuck on chapter three, with nowhere to go. For the fourth book in a row. So I took a few classes in plotting, learned to make myself an outline. And I could still pants a little bit, without ending up somewhere in Guam. Buying a yak. (Hey, it really happened.)

And I meant to write an outline for the nano book. Except the idea came to me at 2am, and I started typing at 730am. No outline. Straight pantsing.

So while I’m not stuck, yet, I’m leaving a lot of *** in my chapters. This means look this up, or wow, did you write like crap here. Today I realized I don’t know what a typhoon looks like. So, we got some ***’s. Nor did I know if it could happen in a place where my cruise ship currently is. More ***’s. Spanish moss? What kind of trees, birds? Is that a jaguar? The list goes on.

Even if I get my 50K words in this month, I’ve not only got serious revising to do, I’ll also have serious research to do.

But that’s okay, because that’s what writers do.



(is Italy on an ocean? Can you light a gas stove in a typhoon? it never ends….)

Craziness Abounds

I’ve been Nano-ing. For you non-writers you’re probably thinking I’ve been abducted by aliens or Mork from Ork.

I wish. =)

Instead, it’s a month of writing. 50,000 words in 30 days. You can see my progress-o-meter on the right hand side to see how I’m doing.

It’s been tough, but on the other hand, it hasn’t been a major hardship either. Granted I haven’t finished the website I said I was going to, and I’m going into a jewelry show tomorrow with not quite as much new jewelry as I wanted, but as of this particular moment, I’ve written 10,000 words in 6 days. I’ve finished three chapters, one of them several times, and am starting on chapter four.

Rock ‘n roll baby.

And it should be giving me a huge wake up call as to what I can do, if I really try. And it has. A sharp slap in the face basically.

So, wish me luck on my nano-ing and keep your eye on the progress-o-meter. If you don’t see it moving, you have the right to give me a swift kick in the rear.



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