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Stolen Kisses – A Chapter for the New Voices Contest

Some of you, and I admit you have good reason, think I’m possibly a little crazy. Cuckoo. Looney Tunes.

This would be true.

Some of you remember last year, I entered the Mills and Boon New Voices contest. And actually ended up in the top four.

Few of you, however, know about the stress of checking the roses every day to see if your score is getting better. Or checking the comments to see if someone has left something good – or potentially damaging.

Just as well, cuz it wasn’t pretty.

I took days off from work to write. I harassed people into voting for me. I walked around in a daze, trying to make my characters/plot/pivotal moment as strong as they could be, then tried to transfer that to paper.

I stressed. I gained 10 pounds.

But, in the end, I finished in the final four, talked to a couple editors and currently have 3 chapters and a synopsis in to an editor at Mills and Boon.

And I got my picture in the paper. =)

But the crazy part is? I did it again.

Entered the same contest, with the same roses. Different story, but ….yeah, someone call for the guys in white coats with strait jackets!

So if you’re bored, go to to read a chapter of Stolen Kisses. If you’re super bored, register and click those roses.

This year, I’m taking it all in stride. Calm, cool and collected. That’s me.

Um…excuse me? Didn’t I just tell you to go click roses? Why are you still sitting here? Go on. Scram!




Off and Runnin’

When stuff comes to a head, it …well it comes to a head.

This last week is heads up for me.

  • Mills and Boon wants to see my first three chapters of Help Wanted and the synopsis
  • SYTYCW contest chapter and synopsis is due Dec. 15th. I have the first chapter done, working on the synopsis
  • I think I have my MG figured out. I’m at the halfway point, and it would seriously take me maybe two weeks of hard work to finish it
  • I still have a full request out there from Sourcebooks

So, what does this say to me?

Time to get your rear in gear, Carrie.

Feel free to toss in encouraging comments, I’m gonna need them!



Day is done…

And the contest is over.

Congratulations, Leah! =)

For the rest of my second place mates, Heidi and Lindsay a small one person standing ovation. We really rocked it, ladies.

For myself, it’s almost a sigh of relief that the stress of the past month and a half is over. It really takes a toll on a person. And on the production of Hershey bars. And I’ve possibly generated new jobs at the Jack Daniels plant in Tennessee.

Sure, I would have loved to won. An editor for a year, a publishing contract. That iPad I had my eye on. But, I’m quite happy in second place. Thrilled even. It’s truly an honor.

AND I get an e-reader. I’ve been coveting an e-reader for years. So, bonus for me. =)

And now for a little rest and relaxation, I’ve joined Nano. What’s Nano? National Novel Writing Month. You write 50K words in 30 days.

Should be a walk in the park, eh?




I made it. To the final four.

To everyone who voted for me in the Mills Boon New Voices contest. =)
I made it to the final four.

Thank you. =)

Final Four Announcement

New Voices

A couple weeks ago, I entered the Mills and Boon New Voices contest. Here’s my link. I bullied a few people into voting for me, y’know…mom, dad, sisters….employees wanting their paychecks. Little things like that. But as the voting progressed, it seemed I was buried in the pack. 824 stories submitted. Holy guacamole.

Yesterday, I got an email saying I had finalled. *I* had finalled. Are you kidding me? My stomach dropped, my head rolled. I immediately reached for a Hershey bar. (thank goodness Halloween candy is out already) I called my mom, of course. Emailed my sisters, emailed my BFF, screamed out into the driveway and danced for my hubby. (Luckily I explained before he dialed 911 to have me taken away)

I’m thrilled. I’m tickled pink. I’m happy as a clam. Truly.

So, now I get a mentoring team. I giggle every time I say that. It’s such an honor, such a thrill, I don’t have words. I just giggle.

I now must take my 30 pages of chapter two and turn it into something beautiful.

If I win, I get the services of a M&B editor for a year, an iPad and books. But, even if I come in 10th out of 10 (which is nothing to sneeze at mind you!) I still get a hamper full of books, and a letter of advice on my chapters from a M&B editor. Which is worth it’s weight in gold.

But win or lose or draw, this is such a proud moment for me to realize that other people like my writing and my voice.

I’m thrilled. Really.



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