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All things Orange

I adore the color orange. Can you tell? =) If there’s an orange shirt in the store, I gravitate towards it. I own an orange kindle cover, and yet have no kindle. I have orange tennis shoes, orange socks, orange undies…well, you probably didn’t need to know that part.

Yes, I even own an orange cat.

For those of you observant enough to notice I’ve changed my website, my color preference is pretty obvious.

So in observance of All Things Orange, here’s my super duper smash up of fun links – all of them orange.

An orange Porsche. Honey, I think we should buy a new car…..

Orange Mushrooms Seriously? Orange mushrooms? Even I, a defender for truth, justice and the Orange Way have never thought of such a thing….

Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation

The Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation is a A Conservation Initiative to Protect Monarch Butterfly Wintering Habitat in Mexico. You might wonder what a gal from Iowa cares about butterflies in Mexico? Our little farm is a stopping place for migrating monarch butterflies. Every year, thousands, grouped just like they are in this photo stop by our mulberry trees for a rest. It’s the most amazing sight.

Orange Sand Dunes in the Namib-Naukluft National Park. Absolutely huge enormous sand dunes, reaching up to 1000 feet above the desert floor. Can ou imagine all of that orange? Squee! The orange color develops over time as iron in the sand is oxidized, like rusty metal; the older the dune, the brighter the color.

Orange Inflatable Furniture – there is no explanation for this. Go look, I’ll wait til you come back.

Orange and red snake skin Stiletto’s from Michael Antonio. LOOK at the toes on these!

Glow UV Orange Contact Lenses Only £24.99. I simply must have a pair of these.

Orange Sherbet Shower Gel (adding these to my shopping list!)

Orange Lip Balm

Orange Steampunk Goggles

Orange Garnet, Silver and Gold Ring

And finally, men can have orange underwear too. Equal opportunity after all.

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