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Woodie Knows WordPress – What the heck are permalinks?

Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceSometimes when you’re bored, you go wandering through the dashboard of your WordPress site, and you come across something called Permalinks.

Most people generally shudder and move on, not understanding what permalinks can do for you.

Let Woodie explain.

Permalinks are the permanent URL to your post. Like is their permanent URL, and is MY URL. However, each individual blog post also has it’s own URL, generally quite a bit longer. I mean like waaaaaaaaaay longer. Longer than a woodchucks front teeth!

Your general default permalink is what we in the industry call “ugly”. It’s a technical term. Honest. What this means is your blog post will be

See, I told ya. Ugly.

So, let’s pretty it up some. Kind of like Extreme Makeover. Like I did with that hopelessly emo donkey here, by putting a contrasting yellow flower (delish!) behind her too-long ears.

If it’s important that your date be displayed in your link, such as you are a newspaper or magazine, go with this type of structure.
this displays the month/day/year of your post ie:

If you want to display your category and post name (which is what I do)
go with this instead
now you’ll get this



see how much prettier and more descriptive that is? much better than post 15!

Now these are just the basics to modifying your permalinks. There’s tons more ways to change it, including adding in the time or the author.

Now go forth, and impress the world with your Permalink Knowledge young grasshopper!


Woodie the Woodchuck
Wordpress Expert Extraordinaire

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