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Escaping the Fashion Police – Confessions of a Plus Size Slob

I admit it. I’m plus sized.

I workout daily, I have a trainer, I lift weights. I do crunches every day, I walk 6-10 miles at work every day. But, I’m still plus sized. I’ve mostly accepted it.


Until recently. Maybe you’ve even heard comments like these –

Maybe a little makeup, dear. It’ll make your cheekbones pop and you’ll look thinner.

If you wore vertical stripes….

Black always makes you look thinner…


People always have wonderful advice. And there’s been studies (by really official people!) on how wearing the right fitting clothes makes you look wonderful. And it’s true…read this article from Grasping for Objectivity – you won’t believe what a nice fitting pair of jeans will do for your butt! I mean seriously? Go look. You’re in for a shock.

I admit my general wardrobe leaves a lot to be desired. Men’s XL t-shirts and jeans. Tennies. I’ll also admit when I’m at work, I sometimes literally RUN and need to have a certain style of clothing that I can wear that won’t drape in people’s spaghetti, will hide the strawberry daquiri stains and won’t show sweat. Those are my basic requirements.

But is it enough? Probably not.

To that end, I’ve been working with some outfits on polyvore. I even purchased some of these outfits. But, have you ever noticed things always look better on the model than on you? Yeah. Same here.

However, since my only creative energy for the past few months has been trying to design outfits for a plus size (and wide footed) woman, here’s what I’ve been working on – some casual outfits that might actually work not only for my body, but for my reluctant-to-be-fashionable brain.

A little Sexy, A little Orange - Plus Size

Is it Monday Already? Plus Size

Be You Tiful - Plus Size

Extra Casual Day in Mint - Plus Size

So like, nothing too out of line right? Still basically t-shirts and jeans. Personally I wouldn’t wear the flip flops, but hey, they matched the outfit! I’d still wear …you guessed it….tennies.

I’ve also brought the fashion up a notch – for when we dress up on the weekends, yet still not overtaxing my oh-my-god-it-has-sequins! phobia brain.

Plus Size Olive with a Splash of Rose

Black and White with a Super Cool Snail Bag - Plus Size

Why Yes, Plus Size Gals Can be Quite Sexy, Thank You

Plus Size Red and White Summer Outfit

Whew. Some of those shoes? Not happening. Oh, and I never carry a purse either. Never.

However, just in case you’re wondering what I wear around the house? =)

Just call me .... WONDERWOMAN!!! =)

Yeah, I might be plus sized but sometimes the fashion gene is just built in right? =)


Carrie takes on the fashion world – someone call the fashion police!

I have no sense of style. I admit it free and clear. Others have informed me, sometimes gently, sometimes not, that I’m clueless when it comes to the latest fashions.

It’s all true.

At work I generally wear jeans, tennies and a t-shirt. At home, a variety of gawd-awful sweatpants and sweatshirts, most generally in non-coordinating colors.

But that doesn’t mean I can DREAM of being a fashion plate. I’d always thought if I’d had the money, if I’d had the slim, long legs, I too, would look like Cindy Crawford.


Instead, I’m a little apple dumpling of a person. Short legs, big boobs. =) I know there’s lots of jokes to be made there, but trust me, I’ve heard them all. To such an extent I’ve become accustomed to a baggy t-shirt worn over jeans. It’s become my uniform, my size somewhat hidden. Or so I always like to think.

Believe it or not, however, I have become somewhat of a fashionista in the plus size world – at least according to Pinterest and Polyvore. At Polyvore, you can take snippets of fashion and put them together. A shirt from Penney’s, pants from Christian Dior, shoes from Zappo’s and make an entire outfit. Something you might even wear! I admit to having an absolute blast putting together outfits, and was entirely shocked when someone followed my board.

On Polyvore, I have 53 followers and over 5K views. I’m generally in the top ten views of the two groups I’m in. On Pinterest, my Plus Size board has 192 followers.

Yup, you read it right. Plus Size. Every outfit I design is made for a plus sized woman, including wide width shoes and wide calf boots. No size XS shirts are seen here. No size 2 jeans. If you’re a skinny minny, you might find the styles are awesome, but chances are – just like us plus size women have discovered in virtually every store we go into – you can’t find your size here.

Someday, when I overcome my fear of looking ridiculous, over-dressed or just plain chubby in something other than a man’s XL t-shirt and jeans, I might actually buy myself one of these outfits. I’ll get the credit card warmed up. =)

Burgundy, Brown and Gold - Plus Size

Pink and Black Fun - Plus Size

Pink Sparklies - Plus Size

Pink and White Comfy Outfit - Plus Size

Neutrals Plus Size

Plus Size Summer Dress with Peridot and Blue Accents

Plus Size Leopard Cowgirl

Cinderella at the Ball - Plus Size in Gold!


In the meantime, take a look at this AWESOME video by Wendy (who has more fashion sense in her little finger than I do in my entire apple-dumpling body) from on 25 ways to wear a scarf. Trust me, it’s not your average boring how to tie a scarf blah blah blah. It’s fun, fashionable and educational. =) You’ll love it.


What about you? Are you a fashion failure or a clothes horse??

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