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Popcorn Purist – Get away from me with those M&M’s – Cheap Date Night

Once…ages ago, I went to the movies with a group of ladies. We all ordered a bucket of popcorn, then one lady ordered M&M’s, another ordered Good ‘n Plenty. We took ourselves off to our seats, juggling popcorn, pop, candy and handbags to watch some movie. I can’t recall the details right now, because of what happened next.

One woman dumped M&M’s in her popcorn. DIRECTLY IN THE TUB!!! I was shocked! Seriously? I said “You’re going to have a heckuva time digging those out of there” still assuming, in my naive way that it had been an accident. She merely laughed, scooped up  a handful and starting chomping away.

The next woman dumped Good ‘n Plenty’s in her popcorn. IN IT. LICORICE IN HER POPCORN.

Well, of course, I never went to the movies with them again!

A girl has standards.

I’m an Orville Redenbacher girl. He’s the man. I’ll occasionally cheat when I go to the theater, only because they refuse to pop a bag for me. *Rolls eyes* My favorite is the pour over butter.  omg. yum!

But here is ONE other recipe I’ll use for popcorn. It’s quick and easy (go figure) and makes a lovely snack or Christmas treat.

Popcorn Almond Bark

Start white almond bark melting on the stove, or in the microwave if you’re like me.

Pop popcorn. Plain popcorn, no butter, no salt. Just the basics.

Scoop popcorn into melted bark, leaving out the old maids. Add in a few handfuls of dry-roasted peanuts and red and green mini marshmallows. Scoop out by the heaping tablespoon onto wax paper. Let cool.

Num num num

Smart Ass Romance - Bottums Up - Fun Drink RecipesWhile your almond bark is cooling – mix up a batch of these:

Beam me up Scotty

In a short rocks glass filled with ice, add ½ shot Jim Beam, 1 shot each Baileys and kahlua, and top with a cherry garnish.

It’s straight liquor boys ‘n girls, so make sure this one’s a sipper!

Now make sure you’re sitting with a treat in one hand, your drink in the other. You’ve only got 12 seconds after this movie loads to get them eaten!


didn’t get your treat eaten yet? Go ahead, hit replay. I won’t tell anyone.

Do you mix with your popcorn? Give us the dish!


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