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Back it on up…..

How many times have you heard someone say “backup backup backup”? If you work in a garage, probably lots. If you work on a computer, chances are you’ve seen it, you’ve thought it was a swell idea, but you never really got around to it.

(insert jaws theme here)

You lost your hard drive. You got a virus. You upgrade to a new computer.

Suddenly, everything you’ve worked so hard for is gone. Alllllllllll gone.

Or is it?

First of all, I’ll mention my DH. Brilliant with computers, hates them with a passion. But he can usually, almost always, save your “stuff”. Once we put a woman’s laptop in our freezer, and after 6 hours saved her 8 years of book keeping that had never been backed up. Once we put a woman’s hard drive in our freezer, then set it on a heating pad while sucking off the info. We’ve used hammers, pliers, software, expensive software etc. to save this all-important if-i-lose-it-i’ll-just-die information for people.

Hello???? Just back it up! For Pete’s sakes! If it’s that important that you’re going to a> lose the farm b> lose 8 years worth of work c> cry hysterically THEN JUST BACK IT UP!

And this goes for you writers too! I know you’re shaking your heads…wow, how could some lady not back up her business for EIGHT years? so answer me this, when was the last time you backed up all of your stories?

*tapping my foot and humming a happy tune*

c’mon…you can tell me…..last month? two months ago? what if tomorrow you turned on the ‘puter and it said GAME OVER…? would you be calling your computer tech and crying and beating your chest?

oh yeah…i know…some of you are even now surreptitiously backing up your files and saying who??? me??? i always back up…snort!

The point being, you can lose WEEKS worth of work, just because you don’t back-up. Go out tomorrow, to wal-mart, staples, wherever….get one of those 250GB+ back up hard drives, plug it in to your USB and back up back up back up.

You’ll thank me for it someday. Honest.


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