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Resolutions Schmesolutions – Whattup 2012?

So New Years is here! Happy Happy Joy Joy!

But have you made your resolutions for the new year?

A lot of people say they don’t…but I think we all do, whether it’s really on New Years Day or not. It’s usually prefaced by “This year I’m gonna . . . ”

Yup, that’s a bona fide resolution.

We all have the usuals – lose weight, eat better, workout more. I mean, that’s built into our psyche right?


So how about we make some DIFFERENT resolutions – ones that don’t set us up to fail?

I know I know. You’re thinking I’m nuts – possibly – because that’s the whole purpose behind resolutions right?


How about some of these for starters :

I resolve to watch at least one of the 6012 DVD’s in my collection this year.

I resolve to empty the trash bin on my email at least twice this year.

I resolve to never wear Mickey Mouse fleece pants to Wal Mart just in case the People of Wal Mart photographers are there that day

I resolve to at least LOOK at the manual before assembling [insert item to be assembled here]

I resolve to workout daily, even if it is only in my brain.

I resolve to do serious research to discover if potato chips really count as a vegetable.

I resolve to never eat a one-pound two-pound bag in one sitting.

I resolve not to ride my camel too fast in a pedestrian’s only lane.

See. That’s not so hard now is it?

Now what’s your resolution – one you can’t POSSIBLY fail?


Funny Pictures - New Year's Resolutions Cats

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