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2011 – The year of Publication

So, I suppose waking up on the first day of 2011 with a slight hangover is pretty common.

Waking up with a slight hangover after 6 hours of sleep to find a scary man in a ski mask and snow pants traipsing through your bedroom probably isn’t.

I didn’t scream. Mostly because my mouth was all that you’ve-eaten-cotton-balls-all-night-long kind of dry and my one eye was glued to my pillowcase.

And because after a few seconds of blurry eye blinking I recognized the shadowy shape of the would-be burglar/strangler/possible vampire was my husband.

After my heart started working again, I got up to find our water pump was frozen. It’s 4 degrees here with 45 mph winds. No water, no shower, no toilet.

No fun.

It took a few hours and a quilt that had to be sacrificed to thaw out the water pump, but now we have running water. It took a hot washcloth to unglue my eye but now I can see. It took a cold glass of apple juice to get the blood flowing enough that I could work out.

Welcome 2011.

And further, and much more importantly, welcome 2011 – the year of publication. My goal, when I started writing about a year and a half ago was to either be published, or be on the road to publication by my 50th birthday. I turn 49 on March 21, 2011.

This means it’s time to kick it in the rear. I need to write every day. I need to come up with cohesive plots with plenty of conflict. I need to push myself and yet concentrate.

I need to quit screwing around. =)

So welcome 2011, even if you burst into the bedroom door looking more like the bad guy from campy Batman shows. I’m gonna kick your butt.



Writer’s Block

I am not, I repeat, not going to whine on and on here about writer’s block.

I’m instead going to whine on and on about writer’s I don’t wanna.

I know, I know. Everyone says “with the holidays coming up, I just don’t have time!”

True enough.

But, I made the time for Nano, even while working 40+ hours a week and holding down two other small businesses I run.

So, what’s so different?

I’ll tell you. I just don’t wanna. Plain and simple, like a three year old being drug to the doctor for shots, I’ve dug my heels in and said I don’t wanna.

I want to write, I really do. But I’m rebelling because I want to write the way *I* want to write, not the way they want me to. Technically, it’s a 48 year old having a pity party.

If you want to be an author, there’s always going to be a critic, an editor, an agent, a person on the street who randomly says it’s good, but if you only fixed this part……if you only wrote this instead…if if if. And if you’re someone who desperately wants to be published you say, fine! I’ll change it!

Or, you have a pity party.

I can tell you the final straw came with subsequent editorial changes, a crit AND the demise of one of my precious kitties. Yes, it was hard knocks all the way around. Bad things, very bad things happened at work and in life in general. And this time, for once, it got me down and held me there.

Last night, I FORCED myself to write. Absolutely forced. It’s drivel. I struggled. I pouted. But I wrote over 800 words. And today I wrote more. And it was better. And this afternoon, I’ll write even more and the words will flow, and I’ll be back to my old self.

Pity Party is over. I don’t wanna is over.

It’s time to get back to work, one step at a time.


150 days and counting

So I’ve been writing like a madwoman.

And I sent off my Mills and Boon first three chapters and a synopsis yesterday. And I’m working on my SYTYCW synopsis and chapter one today to send off on Wednesday to Harlequin. AND I’m trying to finish up my MG for a contest on December 30.

Things have been a wee bit crazy.

Oh, and I started a new story, a Christmas one. =)

So, what do I do in my spare time? lol…I seem to have become the door person for the cats. Let them in, let them out. Rinse, lather repeat.

Although, I do have to say I’m quite thrilled to be writing as much as I am. I belong to a group where you post your daily writing totals. When you get to 100 days of writing with no days off, you win a virtual tiara. As of today, I am at 150 days straight of writing over 100 words a day.

When I did nano, I wrote in the thousands every day. Now, I’m back down to less than 500, but still attacking the keyboard on a regular basis. On my days off, I generally get 2K or more.

For me, it pays to hold me accountable to a group. My writing level has gone up, I’m finishing projects and starting new ones. And my writing skills have improved. Um, my crit partners might not agree with that….lol…but I feel they have.

Guess I just need someone to kick my in the rear every day.


Thanks Club100 for being the kicker!


Off and Runnin’

When stuff comes to a head, it …well it comes to a head.

This last week is heads up for me.

  • Mills and Boon wants to see my first three chapters of Help Wanted and the synopsis
  • SYTYCW contest chapter and synopsis is due Dec. 15th. I have the first chapter done, working on the synopsis
  • I think I have my MG figured out. I’m at the halfway point, and it would seriously take me maybe two weeks of hard work to finish it
  • I still have a full request out there from Sourcebooks

So, what does this say to me?

Time to get your rear in gear, Carrie.

Feel free to toss in encouraging comments, I’m gonna need them!




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