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How to Sleep (or not) with a Cat – The Crazy Cat Lady is Tired!

Sleeping with a cat can be … torturous. Sleeping with 6 cats is something the Spanish Inquisition could have used. (No one expects! the Spanish Inquisition!)

Below are two little fun videos for your end of the year entertainment. The first is a fast-motion video of man sleeping with a cat. Seriously, watch through til the sun comes up – the cat goes nuts trying to get the man to wake up.

The second is of course, The Spanish Inquisition, from Monty Python. Can you believe this is from 1970? Over 30 years ago…..time flies.

And speaking of which, time is definitely flying as 2012 is just around the corner. A small announcement is that for a time I will only be doing 2 posts per week, one on Monday and then Woodie on Wednesday. I’m burying myself a bit in a writing cave, and have determined to see this one ms through to the end.

Thanks for your kind support throughout this past year – enjoy the flicks!

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