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Tag Lines

Some months ago, I challenged myself to come up with a blog. That was the easy part. Coming up with the name of the blog – that took…ok, that was pretty easy too. Finding the graphic! now that took….

ok, so technically, I drempt (not a real word, I know I know, stick with the story here) the entire thing up in less than 15 minutes and had it ready to roll, hot off the presses in about a day – tops.

Voila, instant blog.

But lately, I’ve noticed my little corner of the world is missing something. A tagline.

I’ve read other blogs and they always have something cute, or daring or….at the very least interesting.

“Escape to the past with a romantic adventure…” is Terry Blaine’s tagline.

“Real Women. Real Life.” Vicki Taylor

“Passion and adventure worth fighting for.” C.C. Wiley

So, of course, I have to have one.

So here’s a few…

    I put the ass in romance.
    Asses are my specialty.
    Because everyone likes a little ass.
    Ass ‘n Sass
    Happiness is being a smart ass.
    Real Romance. Real Asses.
    That’s Ms. Smart Ass to you.
    Romance funny side up.
    Love, laughter and snark.
    Romance by the Snarkmeister
    Smart Asses need love too
    Smart Asses Unite!
    Sex, funny side up.
    Love laughter and lunacy.

    Those are just a few that popped into my head….hmm…might need a little more thinking here!


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