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Comments I’ve Made – Did I Say That? Woodie Knows WordPress

Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceOh there’s so many brilliant blogs out there to follow. (Including this one of course!) I subscribe via email and via my Feedly account and comment when I’m not busy remodeling the burrow in the garage. I’m thinking of adding on another room . . .

Anyways, while I’m out surfing the net (thanks for providing the wi-fi Carrie!) I generally leave brilliant insights and pithy comments through the blogging world.

And just as quickly, I’ve forgotten whom I said what to.

I’m getting older now you know. I’ll be three in February!

So, how do we solve this dilemma Woodie?

It’s easy. First, I’ll point out that this only works on WP blogs that require your email address.

First, go to your dashboard and click on Comments I’ve Made. (I looooove their naming system!) Now in the middle of your screen will pop a big screen. Let’s dissect it shall we?

First, at the top is the name and a link to the blog where you made the original comment. (Brilliant I’m sure)

Following that is the comment that was left RIGHT BEFORE YOURS.

Second is your comment.

Third is the comment FOLLOWING YOURS.

If you scroll down, you’ll see more replies, possibly even one made to you! However – and this is a big however! – sometimes there have been MANY comments, and WP will list only the latest 10. So it’s entirely possible in your tirade to Donald Trump about his latest hairstyle attempt, that his reply to your comment is not listed here.

No fair, you howl! I want to know what the Donald said! Well, that’s one of the restrictions of WP you’re going to have to live with. Suck it up my friend and click on the link at the top and go find your comment.

And here’s a quickie for those of you not knowing how to FIND something on a page?

Click Ctrl and the letter F at the same time on your keyboard. A little box pops up at the bottom of your screen.

This is how it looks on mine in Firefox. From here you type in the phrase you’re looking for and then click Next, which will show the next instance of that word or phrase while scrolling DOWN, or previous which shows the next one scrolling UP or Highlight all, which is the world’s super coolest.

So while this may not find ALL the blogs you’ve posted on with your witticisms and jibes, it will highlight quite a few of them, and let you go back and post even more.

So, let’s talk about that hair, Donald.


Happy trails!

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