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Hi Ho – Making your blog posts easier with hand made templates – Woodie Knows WordPress

Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceHellloooo my furless friends! I’ve got a bit of exciting news this week. Are you ready? Course you are…

I’d like you to meet my new friend Wilhelmina. This is a pic Carrie took of the two of us on our first date. =) We went to a walk-in movie and had a bit of a snack. Spring is in the air, and so is….romance. Oooh la la!

BUT…I bet you’re waiting to learn more about WordPress eh? All righty then, lets dig in.

Today, we’re going to make templates. Why? Because it’s easy peasy and could save you hours of work. Well okay, technically 5 minutes of work.

Last week we worked on Copy a Post. Well, this is the non-techie-yet-much-incredibly-easier version.

Every week, when I get ready to post, I open a blank post, find the image of moi and then write my article. At the end of every post is my signature, so I once again go to the image editor, find my signature and input.

Could I save myself some searching by just making a template?

You bet your bippie.

First, we’re going to make a open a blank post. I’ll set the title as Woodie Template. Now, I’m off to the image finder to get my graphic and place it in the upper left hand corner as per usual. Then I’m going to jump down a few lines, search for my signature and add that in too.

Looks a bit boring doesn’t it? That’s okay, I’ve now just saved myself five minutes of work EVERY time I post.


Now I’ll go to Save Draft. NOT PUBLISH. This version is for me and me only.

Next time I want to make a Woodie post, I simply go to Dashboard>All Posts.

Up in the top, it says Drafts. When I click on that, it will show me what posts I have on Draft, including Woodie’s template.

Now I’ll select ‘Woodie Template’, and there’s all my hard work. I go to copy first, then open a new post and paste.

Tada. Instant start to my post.

Now if you don’t ever start a post the same like the Crazy Cat Lady and myself, then you’ve just wasted a good 5 minutes reading a Woodie post. =) But you did get to meet my new girlfriend, so all isn’t lost!


Copy a Post Copy a Post Copy a Post – Woodie Knows WordPress

Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceGreetings all! Woodie here with yet another amazing post on WordPress. This week, for those of you on, we’re going to learn how to copy a post.

Whaaat? Why on earth would I want to copy a post?

Here now, don’t get your shorts in a knot. What if every single Monday you posted a recipe with a picture in the center. And every single Monday you built your post, formatted the recipe, formatted the picture, added a special signature and foodie tags.

Gets a bit repetitive doesn’t it?

What if you could duplicate last Mondays post and only change the text and photo? Haven’t you now just saved yourself a good 30+ minutes that you could be doing something fun like terrorizing the cats?

Okay then. Lets get started.

First, open a blank post. An inch or so under the post, you’ll see this.

Immediately a new action box will open

Now you pick the post you want to copy and click the copy button. If you don’t see the post you want to use listed, you can search for it in the box above the content.

***PLEASE NOTE*** If you didn’t start with a blank post, you’ll lose any changes to the post you have open.

Now click confirm copy.

In a couple seconds, your post is up in the window. Photos in the right spot, title and tags ready to roll.

***PLEASE NOTE*** Depending on your permalink structure, this could give a weird title to your post.

If you click on edit, you can change the name of the slide show to match your title, but your permalink structure will stay the same.

Now my tags have transferred over, categories and photos. If I add in new text and maybe a new photo, I’ll have cut my time to make a post in at least half.

Copy away my favorite peeps!

This is Woodie, signing off. I have a hot date and we’ve got a new crop of petunias we’re off to see! users – lets all be Sociable – Woodie Knows WordPress

Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceGreetings boys and girls – Woodie here with more fun stuff you can do with WordPress! Today, we’re going to show the users how they can add social media to their posts. users? Go ahead and check out last weeks post on sharing.

Okay WP users, we’re going to add a plugin to our repertoire, this is simple and painless. Promise!

On your dashboard go to Plugins>Add New

In the search box type the word Sociable.

At the very top of the page, the Sociable plugin will appear, with an Install Now button below it.

Click install and say yes when it asks if you are sure. You’ll have a few seconds here where you can run for a potty break or grab a quick snack while it installs….

And we’re back.

Now you’ll see this on your screen

Go ahead and click activate plugin.

Now on your dashboard, just below settings you have Select Sociable Plugin. Mouseover that and click on Select Sociable Plugin. Now you’ll have two choices – one gives you a “skyscraper” with the icons listed down the side of your post. The other is the classic view that you can put at the bottom (or top) of your posts. Lets go through the classic view.

Underneath the above icons you can click get Classic View.

Now we’ve got some options.
Preview – shows how it will look on your screen
Tagline – it’s set to say Be Sociable, Share! But you can change it or delete it entirely. I also unclicked the box that links to Sociable, but I like less clutter.
Icons to include – Be careful here. The more you choose, the more cluttered your layout. Start with a few and see how it looks. Uncheck any you don’t want to use.
Icon size – mine are 16×16 but experiment
Icon Style – again, a personal preference and easy to change

Locations – Aruba! The beach! The sand! The – ahem. Sorry, got carried away for a sec…..=) Ok, locations is all about where you want those buttons to go. On mine, I clicked the first four, but again – click some, then go check and see what it looks like! You’re the boss!

General options – if you’re uncomfortable with styling your own buttons, just leave this as is.

Active Sociable Classic – make sure this one is checked then click the big green box that says SAVE CHANGES.

And that’s it. You are now up and running to share your posts with the world. Isn’t that a good feeling?


I’m off for the rest of the day, there’s a certain young woodchuck I can see behind the hedges over there. I think she’s giving me “the look.”

Hubba Hubba.

A Good Woodchuck Always Shares – Publicizing Your Posts

Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceWhen my brothers were little, mom always made us share the petunia flowerpot. “Don’t be piglets!” she’d yell, if one of us tried to get more than our fair share. Since even back then I was buff, I could generally butt my bros out of the way and dig in.

But a good woodchuck always shares.

And a good WordPress blogger always shares their posts.

Nice segue eh? =)

On, there’s quite a few places you can share your blog once you’ve posted it to your site. Facebook, twitter, Google+ to name a few. When you’ve written that fantabulous post about Great Great Aunt Lilly’s silver being stolen by the Yankees, you want to share it with the world.

Well, let’s see how we can do that!

On your dashboard go to Settings>Sharing.

It should look something like this:


Okay, claws out, lets dig in.

Let’s say we want to connect our blog to Facebook. Anytime we add a new post to our blog, POP! it’s going to appear on FB as well.

Click Connect to Facebook.

And this window will pop up:

Click authorize, and your next window will look like this:

Click “Go to App”

In the next window..

click allow.

Now when you’re back in WP, you’ll see the Facebook link has changed, saying it is now connected. Underneath is a “Set Options” link, which allows you to direct where you want your blog posts to be shared with – if you have a fan page instead of a FB page, say.

Now if you scroll down a bit, you’ll see these settings

You can set your button style, change the sharing label, etc. Play a bit with these settings until you have it looking juuuuust riiiiight. (My friend Goldilocks says that ALL the time!)

Don’t forget to save your changes before moving back to your posts.

Now when you go back to your dashboard and make a new post, you’ll see this:

Click authorize….

And choose where you want your post to go. Don’t forget to click SAVE!

And now you’ve connected your blog to Facebook. If you’re still feeling the power, go ahead and connect to Twitter too….maybe LinkedIn.

In no time at all, you’ll be famous.

Sort of like moi.

The Ins and Outs of Copy and Paste – Woodie Knows WordPress (and more!)

Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceGreetings all my non-woodchuck friends! Spring is in the air and a woodchucks thoughts turn from sleeping and hibernating to FOOD. Luckily Carrie keeps a pretty good stash of cat treats just inside her door, so I help myself whenever I get the munchies.

Today, we’re going to talk about copy and paste – both how to use it in WordPress and in life in general.

Copy and paste is a HUGE skill to know. You can copy part of an email, paste it into a new one and send it along to a friend. You can copy part of your manuscript and paste it in another section. You can actually copy from Word or another webpage and paste it into your WP site without ending up with gobble-de-gook.

First, run your mouse over the text you want to copy. It will turn a lovely shade of blue.

Now there’s two ways to copy. One, on your browser go to Edit/Copy

Or on your keyboard, hold down the Ctrl key (look for it, I promise it’s there!) and the letter C.

Hmm….nothing happened.

Well, technically it did, it’s just invisible. You have now copied your highlighted text onto your computers clipboard. The clipboard holds ONE item, and one item only. It can be 300+ pages of writing, or one sentence, but it’s still, only that ONE item.

Now to prove something really happened, click in a blank email, document or text file. Got it? Now go back up to Edit and choose Paste.

For you guys who love keyboard shortcuts, you’ll click Ctrl and the letter V.

Tada! Your highlighted text is now pasted into a new document. Slick eh?

But what if I want to copy from Word into WordPress? If you’ve ever tried this, you KNOW you can get some mighty weird results. Luckily, WP can help.

Copy your post from Word, then in your VISUAL editor window in WordPress click on the Word button.

A little window will pop up. Click once in the window, then paste your document by using Ctrl+V into the window. Click insert. The window will close and your document will be stripped of the ugly CSS formatting Word uses, yet keep most of your formatting. Occasionally it drops the ball and misses a bit, so always double check. You can use this button also if you’re pasting from a web page to still retain the links and paragraphs. Right next to the Word button on your visual editor is the Paste as Plain Text button.

If you have a web page or document you want to paste without any formatting at all, this is the button to use. Say a web page has bold and colored text, lots of underlines and graphics. Copy it, then click this Plain Text button, click once in the pop up window, Ctrl+V and paste it in there. Click insert and voila, it now allows you to add your own formatting while stripping out the code that makes your posts go wonky.

To add a few more tidbits into your copy and paste experience, here’s two more keyboard shortcuts I bet you’ll use a lot.

Ctrl+A – This means Select All. Click once in your document, click Ctrl then the A keys on your keyboard, and your entire document will be highlighted, ready for pasting.

Ctrl+X – This will Cut your highlighted words and put them on the (invisible) clipboard. Highlight a bit of text, click the Ctrl key, then the X key on your keyboard. Poof. The highlighted text is GONE….or is it? It’s on your clipboard, never fear! You can click anywhere in your document or post, then click Ctrl+V and whomp! there it is! This is great if you’re moving scenes in a manuscript!

So there you have it, my non-furbearing friends. Copy, Paste, Select All and Cut. Go forth and Paste!


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