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Keeping up Appearances, Headers, Footers and Widgets Oh My! – Woodie knows WordPress

Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceGood morning my furless friends! Today we’re going to learn about Keeping up Appearances on our WP blog. Are you ready? Pull up one of those old tires over there and tune in.

The first thing most of you did when you got a blog was to play with Appearances. It’s certainly the first thing *I* did! Different colors, different styles, everything a woodchuck could want! Some themes had thingamabobs on top, some put the whatzits off to one side.

After a few hours/days/weeks of fiddling with themes, you finally settle on one…only to discover – you can’t change the header! So you pick another, and …hey I can’t change the background!

All of these can be found under Theme Options – let’s go for a quick review.

This is what the options for Theme 2011 look like – this is the default theme for users. Listed you’ll see – Widgets, Menus, Theme Options, Background, Header, Custom Design, Mobile, iPad

What on earth do those mean and why do I care? Sit back on your tire, and I’ll explain….

If you’re looking for a new theme, knowing this ahead of time will help you rule a few of them out.

Widgets – you can use widgets with this theme. Don’t laugh, not all themes let you. Barbaric isn’t it?

Menus – allows you to use a customized menu.

Theme Options – this generally means the theme comes in a variety of color choices, and occasionally a different layout, such as moving the sidebar to the left or right

Background – you can change the background color!

Header – you can add your own custom header, but to their size specifications

Custom Design – Will let you purchase different font kits for your theme.

Mobile and iPad – will make your site compatible with most mobile and iPad devices.

And there’s millions more! If you’re looking for a new theme, knowing what you’re looking for ahead of time will help you rule a few of them out. In the search box on the theme page, type in two column. Only two column layouts will be shown. Same for three column. Single column. Determined to use your own header? Type in header. Want a slideshow for a header? Use that for a search term. Want your site to fill out the monitor from side to side? Search for flexible width.

When you’re looking for the perfect layout, and keep coming up disappointed because you can’t find what you’re looking for – using the search box and these terms will narrow your search to your criteria.

One other thing to mention – for you users – when searching for free themes on the internet, be careful! Some places put coding in the index page, directing search engines to look at THEIR site, not yours! Unfair! If you go to Appearance, Editor, you can look at the front page coding to your site. IF YOU DON’T KNOW HTML OR PHP DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING – I REPEAT ANYTHING IN THIS BOX! ahem. Seriously, you could take down your site in a heartbeat. If you do know coding, look through the code, check and see what’s in there. If you see another site being advertised, take it out! – but be careful – once again, a wrong move can mean reinstalling your theme!

Ok boys and girls, lets go to the THEME park and take a ride!



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