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Copy a Post Copy a Post Copy a Post – Woodie Knows WordPress

Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceGreetings all! Woodie here with yet another amazing post on WordPress. This week, for those of you on, we’re going to learn how to copy a post.

Whaaat? Why on earth would I want to copy a post?

Here now, don’t get your shorts in a knot. What if every single Monday you posted a recipe with a picture in the center. And every single Monday you built your post, formatted the recipe, formatted the picture, added a special signature and foodie tags.

Gets a bit repetitive doesn’t it?

What if you could duplicate last Mondays post and only change the text and photo? Haven’t you now just saved yourself a good 30+ minutes that you could be doing something fun like terrorizing the cats?

Okay then. Lets get started.

First, open a blank post. An inch or so under the post, you’ll see this.

Immediately a new action box will open

Now you pick the post you want to copy and click the copy button. If you don’t see the post you want to use listed, you can search for it in the box above the content.

***PLEASE NOTE*** If you didn’t start with a blank post, you’ll lose any changes to the post you have open.

Now click confirm copy.

In a couple seconds, your post is up in the window. Photos in the right spot, title and tags ready to roll.

***PLEASE NOTE*** Depending on your permalink structure, this could give a weird title to your post.

If you click on edit, you can change the name of the slide show to match your title, but your permalink structure will stay the same.

Now my tags have transferred over, categories and photos. If I add in new text and maybe a new photo, I’ll have cut my time to make a post in at least half.

Copy away my favorite peeps!

This is Woodie, signing off. I have a hot date and we’ve got a new crop of petunias we’re off to see!

Blog and Reblog – Woodie Knows WordPress!

Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceHidey ho my non-furred friends! It’s been raining here the past few days, so I came out of my hole to dry out a bit at Carrie’s. A little spin dry in the big white machine felt WONDERFUL! (And now my fur is downy soft too!)

Last week we discussed the LIKE button on the admin bar. This week, we’re moving on to the REBLOG button. The reblog button only appears when you’re logged in to WP. So, if you aren’t logged in, we’ll wait.

Stilllllll waiting.

C’mon Princess, the whole class is waiting! Ok, there we go!

Now everyone can see their reblog button. Don’t poke it! Let me tell you what it does first.

So, you’re visiting your friends blog, and she says something AMAZING – as of course they all do – and you want all of YOUR readers to know about it, click the reblog button.

Automatically WP will show the first image on the post, the URL the post came from, a small excerpt, thumbnails from the remaining photos used and any comment YOU, the reblogger might have left.

What happens when someone reblogs part of your post? You’ll get a notification of it in your comments – like a pingback. Sometimes you might have to approve it first, so check it carefully.

The goal here in reblogging is to share your friends posts with your other friends posts. Thereby creating an even bigger circle of commenters and bloggers to the tribe. And isn’t that what most authors are after?

But yes, it can be used for bad. But, lets not think about that now, eh? =)

You can further reblog a reblogged blog. Try to say that three times fast while dining on baby carrots! (High paw, Carrie!) It will include your friends comment, however, and not your own. If you’ve got nothing to add, then no problem! You’d be promoting the original blogger AND your friend who commented.

If you want to edit a reblog, you can – to a point. You can edit YOUR stuff, not your friends. But if you mis-spelled orangutan in the first comments section, you can change it when you reblog. Just go to posts> all posts and voila, there it is. Add in tags and categories if you want!

Ok friends, go forth and begin your reblogging!


I LIKE You – I REALLY Like You! – Woodie Knows WordPress

Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceGreetings one and all! I’m sorry I missed out on last week – deep in hibernation and my alarm didn’t go off! That’s what happens after too much partying on Woodchuck Day. =)

Some of you might have noticed – if you’re on – that there’s a new couple buttons in your admin bar across the top of your page. No need to panic, Woodie’s here to show you what they mean.

First up, is the LIKE button. If you click the LIKE button while reading a post, that information is passed on to the website author – who then knows how many people actually liked what he wrote. Once you LIKE a post, the button then changes to read UNLIKE. Rude, eh? But yes, you can actually change your mind.

Assuming you’re staying with LIKE – this above is the type of screen you’ll get. Your icon will appear in the list with others who’ve liked the post as well. To find which posts you’ve liked, you’ll need to make sure you’re signed in to your WP account, then go to

At the main page, you’ll see a variety of tabs. Click on Posts I Like.

A window opens, showing the posts you’ve liked along the way, so you can revisit them again! Favorite recipes, posts about writing, an especially excellent joke, are now here at your fingertips.

If you’re done viewing the post, then click UNLIKE and poof, it won’t be in your Posts I Like section anymore.

LIKE buttons are generally at the bottom of each post as well, but you can change your settings in Dashboard>Settings>Sharing.

You can also turn off the LIKE button on individual posts, simply by clicking the box under the post itself.

There you go! Now get out there and LIKE somebody!


Zzzzzooom! What’s Quickpress? Woodie knows WordPress

Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceHappy 2012 my incisor-impaired friends! The Woodster had a wonderful time with the neighborhood gang at a block party in Carrie’s garage. Fun times, good food, but the service was a bit slow.

Work on that a bit for the next party eh, Carrie?


Today, we’ve got a quickie post on a quickie subject – Quickpress.

Those of you on may see this on your dashboard when you sign in, and probably say eh, what’s that? Then wander on to your regular posting.

And that’s just peachy! BUT, let’s take a quick look at Quickpress can’t we?

For those of you who blog on a regular basis, you know you have to go to dashboard>posts>add new before you can add in a post right?


Now you can use Quickpress. Get as far as your dashboard and you can design your post right then and there. Got a short post where you just want to post a youtube video or a picture of your latest burrow? Go here. All the buttons are the same, you can upload photos and video, etc.

You can’t format, add keywords or categories, but if you’re looking for quick? This is it.

Not that big of a deal, you say? Well truthfully not, unless you’re on your iPhone where waiting for each page to load is agony. Or if you live out in the boonies like me where internet is run by those hamsters in a cage. OR…

If you have a brilliant idea for a post. Not a fully thought out 3 page bonanza on how to woodchuck-proof your hostas, but an idea. One that if you don’t jot it down IMMEDIATELY will be gone in the mists of time forever! Toss it into Quickpress and then click Save as Draft.

It’s short, it’s sweet, it’s a timesaver.

What’s not to love about Quickpress!


til next time!

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