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How to embed Videos – Woodie Knows WordPress

Woodie knows WordPress - Carrie Spencer Smart Ass RomanceSome of you may have noticed that putting in videos on has gotten a bit more….challenging. Like grabbing that last petunia off carrie’s front porch.

Well, I’m here to offer some assistance.

First, if you have a youtube video: Grab the link. I’m using one of some buddies of mine having a fun day out.

Now click on your media button

and you’ll get this annoying box

but at the top of this box is pure gold…
see where it says “From Url” ? that…
Now you have this…

In here, my children, are all the answers to the video world…

For you tube or google video: simply paste the URL right into the top box. click ok. ta-da!

For Daily Motion and Vimeo videos, you’ll take part of the URL and add it into the code to display it. Click on the links next to each type to see how it’s done. Pretty darn simple pimple.

If you are on, you have several ways of adding your videos, although it’s even easier. You can follow the first steps above, then upload from your computer, or insert a URL. There’s also a TON of plugins that make adding videos so much easier. Do a quick search under “plugins” and “add new”.

Occasionally youtube has an unembeddable video. that’s by the owners request. In that case, it’s easier to find a similar video.

Hope that helps! Now grab some popcorn and watch Wayne and Wilbur here at work. I love these guys.


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