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Pantsing It

Pantser. Flying by the seat of my pants. Flying into the mist.

Usually spoken of quite derogatorily by authors who plot, pantsers write their stories with no outline, no idea of who the characters are or what’s going to happen in the story.

I personally love it.

Words just pop out onto the page, characters develop themselves, plot twists and turns magically appear. Usually.

In the MG I’m currently working on, it’s been 4 chapters of pantsing. And almost every single page has a twist or tweak I never saw coming. It’s been fun. And I haven’t gotten stuck yet.

One of the biggest problems with pantsing is writing yourself into a corner. How did I get here? How will I get out of this? What comes next?

I’ve discovered, with a little help =), that I do really well as a pantser, if I also write an outline covering the major parts of the story. I still surprise myself, and still enjoy the writing process without a black cloud lurking over my head – the one that says but Carrie, what’s going to come next? The outline looks nothing like the rest of the story, but I also rarely write myself into a corner anymore.

I haven’t outlined any of my MG as of yet, but I think that’s going to go on my to-do list this weekend. Just an hour of brainstorming will usually give me enough of a plot outline that I can zoom back in, fly off into the mist, and not have to worry about that darn plot corner.

And I can still have lots of fun finding out what Dwayne’s going to get into next.



What on earth?

So, I decided to try my hand at writing a YA. Y? No idea. One of the ladies in my crit group writes YA, and I love how she gets to use her humor. So, there you have it.

Except…’s not that easy. I mentioned Arnold Schwarzenegger in my first chapter. Do kids these days know who he is? What about Michael Jordan? Do they use the word dweeb? Geek? Does your average 12 year old have his own cellphone?

Now I’m going to have to research. Darnit. My kid is 24 (too old) grandkids are too young (4 and under).

If you’re in the restaurant one day with a twelve year old boy, and you see the waitress staring at you and writing copious notes?

Don’t panic, she’s not a stalker.

She’s a new YA writer.



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