Date Night – Dinner, A Movie and Drinks

My husband is cheap. I mean CHEAP. He squeaks when he walks. If I say honey, why don’t you buy Hanes instead of Great Value, he’ll actually say “squeak squeak squeak”. And I know I’m not the only one married to such a cheapskate thrifty man.

So here today, is your cheap date. Dinner (ok, just the recipe) a Movie (generally supplied by Youtube and less than 4 min long) and Drinks.

Hachacha. Hot time in the town tonight.

Nacho supremo. Start with a bag of Doritos or corn tortilla chips. Spread chips out evenly on a microwave safe plate. Top with a handful of shredded cheddar cheese, and nuke one minute. On top add your ingredients of choice. I recommend ground beef (cooked), crumbled bacon (the already cooked kind if you’re feeling flush, cook it yourself if you’re CHEAP), jalapenos and tomatoes. Some people think this would be a good spot for mushrooms or even black olives, but….ew.

Top that with shredded cheddar cheese. Either microwave 2 min or melt in the broiler part of your oven for a few minutes til melted.
Voila. Supper.

Smart Ass Romance - Bottums Up - Fun Drink RecipesWhile the cheese is melting on your nachos, lets put together a fun little drink called The Salty Chihuahua.
Rub a lime wedge (or even a wet finger!) around the rim of a glass.
Salt the rim.
Fill with ice.
Add in one shot of tequila. (the good stuff, now’s not the time to be cheap!)
Fill with grapefruit juice.
By now the nachos should be done.

Grab a chair, sit back and lets enjoy a few moments of Marco Tempest and his Phone Cam Magic – And ps – Your drink isn’t too strong – it’s the cameraman who’s wobbly on the first one!


and one more, just cuz I lurrrrrrrrrrrrrve Marco


Now that’s a date even a cheapskate would approve of.



8 Responses to “Date Night – Dinner, A Movie and Drinks”

  • Loved the cheap (read frugal) date. Have I got some ideas for you. We should swap war stories, mine on a boat and your’s on the farm. Loved Marco

  • Kelsey O fo sho:

    Carrie! hahahahahaha! that is hilarious because I know that is exactly what you and Chris would be doing at home on some random night!

  • Whew! I’m glad you told me that was Marco’s unsteady camera person and not me after that first Chihuahua! Ay Caramba – what a drink! I love how happy Marco looks when he does his tricks. Did you give him the drink recipe too?

    • lol Patricia….I didn’t share my drink recipe with Marco, but when I run across him or he asks me to hold his cellphone for him one day? definitely!

  • Fun video’s, and great tips for a quick and easy dinner.

    It isn’t my husband’s shoes that squeak when I suggest dinner and a movie, it is the glue on the base of his shoes, along with the seat-belt in his recliner, that helps him avoid the two things he dislikes!

    In exchange, I get to do things I like with BFF’s. Passed on the drink recipe to my visiting daughter who works in the White Horse Tavern, San Francisco. Are your recipes copy write material or anything?

    • The drinks aren’t copyrighted…I have one that is that was printed by Bartender magazine, but these are ones I’ve found around the web or designed myself…..pass them along!

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