Day Off!


I have a day off! woot! Not only that, two days off in a row!

So what am I doing with all of this spare time you ask?

Working. Me=idiot.

I should be out power shopping, weeding the garden (even though it’s still a foot under in snow), reading in bed. But nope, I’m getting caught up instead.

Trust me, I’ll feel as good after it’s all done as if I’d gone power shopping.

For some reason, my tiny brain seems to think I need to take online classes. And not even easy online classes like “how to name your horse” or “the care and feeding of possums”. oh nooooooo..I take hard classes like characters emotions – massive amounts of reading (but all worth it my darlings) and master plotting and copy editing and POV and….well you name it, I’m taking it.


So on my day off today, instead of buying the latest fashions at embarrassing prices, I am instead sitting in front of my computer, trying to drive into my brain me latest heroine’s motivation, why my hero has no visceral reaction when he’s told he’s a father, and I seriously don’t know what that copy editing chart is for, but I assume I’ll find out when I get my next email from class.

And why am I doing all of this?

To provide YOU, my favorite reader, with the best story possible.

Doesn’t that make you feel all warm inside?

It’s also true that I’m learning it so I can be a better writer, make more money and buy a new vacuum cleaner that actually sucks up all the fur my cats leave behind, but that’s just a side benefit.

Really, you’re first in my thoughts.



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