Displaying the Family Jewels – Arts and Crafts

I’m one of those creative people. I mean, not just in writing, but in lots of other areas as well.

I macrame. Yes, remember the old hanging planters of the 80’s? I made millions. Chokers, bracelets, lawn chairs. I tole painted, I embroidered, I made sand candles. I made decorative elements with cat tails (that yes, did eventually explode in the living room). I freely admit I can’t knit or crochet, and the quilting class instructors eventually retired from teaching FOREVER after just one class with me.

On the other hand, some things I can do well.


Do you make anything? Arts, crafts, whittling, baking? Feel free to share right here, right now.

I’m waaaaaaaaaaiting!



14 Responses to “Displaying the Family Jewels – Arts and Crafts”

  • Love the earrings. I used to do beading but cataracts made it hard to see that small. Then had surgery and can see 20/20 at a distance but need glasses to see close so I still haven’t pulled out the beads to see if I still want to play with them.

    • You’ll have to try it again Linda! Earrings are the easiest to make…the only thing that bugs me about them is I have to make TWO….=) lazy lazy lazy…..lol

  • Those earrings are very pretty. I love the secret garden type keys.

    I like to draw. I can’t do squat from my imagination, but give me a model with well-defined dimensions, and you might as well call me a forger. Though I do like to make it my own by changing colors or small details. I draw My Little Pony, fairies, and baby dragons with pencil, pen, and markers.

  • Callene Rapp:

    Love the earrings! Are they for sale? LOL! Love shiny stuff but don’t get to wear it often. Doesn’t coordinate well with animal poop.

    My hidden talent is baking. I love recipes and can make cinnamon rolls that will have you licking the pan!

    • Callene, everything coordinates with animal poop. Well, maybe not the tinkerbelle earrings….=) yup, it’ll be for sale eventually – just got to get my other website up and running!

  • I totally want those key earrings! Wow, you are one talented lady – are those book covers on the bottom? Very nice!

    Angela, I draw stick people, so if you can draw dragons, I’m in awe. As for me? I’m a crafty person. I like to make cards with stamps and stuff, I have an office full of paper, pens, stamps, ink pads, threads, and a whole lot of glitter. I used to get everything out and make crafts with the kids, but they’re older now and I spend my free time on the book, but I miss crafting.

    I’m going to teach myself to knit this winter and in the spring, I’m going to garden. Well, I’m going to plant vegetables that I’ll eventually kill, but I like to call it gardening.

    • Tameri, such goals! I always get to the “planning” part of the garden, but not the “planting.” best of luck learning knitting, I never did get the hang of it even though I have about 20 balls of yarn (hereafter referred to as cat toys) hanging around the attic!

  • Oh, Carrie, I loved to macrame. Can’t find the materials anymore and REALLY can’t have hanging planters on the boat. Probably knock us out while sailing in heavy seas. Not a good idea. Instead I taught myself to knit three years ago. I’ve started a hurricane sweater. Okay, really it’s a sweater for the fall migration south, but started during Irene. When lifetime knitters look at my work, they swear I must have been knitting longer. I think it’s all those years (11) in 4-H. I did everything.

    • My grandma tried to teach me crochet, but i have no knack for tension…everything turns into a small tight knot that could cause serious damage if it unraveled at warp speed! I admire people who can knit – and a sweater? awesome for you!

  • Liz:

    I just love those black copper earrings, so pretty!! Up until my daughter was born I painted boxes, picture frames, shelves…that sort of thing. I really love abstracty geometrical patterns. And then I got into polymer clay making everything from keychains to gargoyle and wizard sculptures. I had a shop on Etsy for a while. Being a single mom in a small apartment put an end to that stuff real quick, but I still have it in storage for that ever elusive someday. Have you ever thought about opening a shop on Etsy?

    • Liz…I do have an etsy shop, I just always felt my photography skills have left me lacking there…I have a website as well, but am currently getting ready to mark quite a few things half off…lol…time to rebuild inventory! I’ll either sell it or chop it apart! Polymer clay has always interested me, but I haven’t successfully made anything with it yet…..one day I’ll be snowed in and try it again!

  • I LOVE the earrings as well! I’m a jewelry nut…for some folks it is purses and shoes. Me? Jewelry.

    For creative makings, I crochet and want to move more into clothing and *cough* making jewelry, but most stuff I’ve completed has been comforters and do-dads like pot holders. I’ve got some great patters though for bags, prayer shawls and dresses.

    • Barbara..the funny thing is, I rarely wear jewelry…lol…..I have almost 600 pieces, but hate to wear it. Go figure. Jewelry making is a blast – give it a shot!

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