Happy Anniversary RU!

Today marks the first anniversary of Romance University, a group of which I am now busting-my-buttons proud to be a part of.

*please, ignore the dangling participle*

So who is RU and what do they do? And what on earth am I doing there?

RU was started by Kelsey Browning, Adrienne Giordano and Tracey Devlyn a year ago after the three had met at RWA Nationals the year before. It’s a way to provide free education, lectures and even advice from editors and agents to the romance writing population.

And what are they doing with me? I’m still learning the ropes, baby. I have my first interview tomorrow, May 18th, interviewing those three ladies on their first anniversary.


Yeah, I’m sending out links to everyone so they can read it.

Oh, here’s one for you!

Romance University

Stop on by and see how they met, what’s coming up next, and what they’ve learned over their first year.

And what they have in store for me. =) eek

Top o’ the world Ma! (well, of COURSE I sent a link to my mother. And both of my sisters. And my entire facebook group)

(ok, I only have 11 friends on facebook, but it’s the thought that counts right?)

I did mention I was proud of being part of the group didn’t I?

Oreo’s and champagne for all!



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