Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom’s birthday, I won’t tell you how old she is, as I want to live just a wee bit longer. =)

But I will tell you that she’s the best mom ever. No, seriously. I’m sure your mom is wonderful too, but for me, my mom’s the best.

Supportive, funny and caring. When I started on this road to publication, she was right there behind me. She gives me a goose every now and then, to make sure I’m not slacking, but always always always reads whatever I give her, and always says its wonderful.

Even when sometimes it’s not.

But hey, that’s what moms are for right? =)

She’s the holding force in our family, the one that makes us come together for Christmas, birthdays etc….the one that still pulls my sister and I apart when we’re fighting (which is pretty much daily) and the one who I talk to every day on the phone. Yup, every single day.

I wouldn’t waste a single moment of my time with my mom. She’s special, she’s the best.

Happy Birthday Mom!!



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