Point of View

When I first starting writing, it was always in first person POV. Everyone loved the story, everyone hated the first person POV.

I couldn’t believe it. My idol, Janet Evanovich writes in first person! But, bowing to those who know better, I wrote my second story in third person POV.

Much better, they said. Now do third person deep.


So, I took a class on POV. Holy moly. Who knew? I deepened my POV in spots, sometimes hitting it on the head, sometimes wandering a bit into left field, but overall giving my stories a much better and personal feel.


Toni McGee Causey posted a few weeks ago on Romance University.

And I realized I knew nothing.

There’s point of view and there’s what Toni calls persistence of vision. I won’t go into it here, but go read the articles (there’s two of them). It will change how you write.

There’s so much more to POV than first or third, omniscient or deep. You’re actually writing FROM THAT PERSONS point of view.

Again, go read the article. Your eyes will pop wide open. Ahhh….you’ll say. Wow.

Go ahead, jump on over to Romance University. I’ll still be here when you come back and thank me for changing your writing style for the better. Feel free to bring back chocolate. I promise to share with Toni.




2 Responses to “Point of View”

  • Thanks for pointing me to that Article, Carrie.

    An excellent look at POV. And I realized that part of the reason characters seem “off” to me when I read CPs work, or judge a contest entry, is because the author isn’t sticking within their character’s frame-of-mind.

    A great lesson for all of us.

  • Hey thanks Trish. I thought that was one of the best articles I’ve ever read on POV. And I agree with you about the “off” characters…when a manly man starts describing the perfect sunrise as being pale pink and lilac i think nahhh….he wouldn’t say that….=)


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