send valium – please

ok, so last time I was here….eons ago wasn’ it? I whined and complained about taking five online classes at the same time. But seriously, I thought I could do it, and live life as a normal human being.

This is not so.

My hair needs coloring. Seriously. Like maybe twice through just to cover all the gray.

I have a twitch. It alternates from eye to eye, but it’s definitely a twitch. On the other hand, I seem to be getting better tips at the restaurant. Maybe I’ll keep it.

I generally receive 150+ emails a day. Note to self – go digest next time.

My chocolate addiction has morphed into chocolate enslavement.

It takes two Cadbury creme eggs every day. And I’m saying that like a heroin addict.

I haven’t written on my book in 2 weeks.

My socks haven’t matched since Groundhog Day.

My brain is moving at the speed of a snail in the Olympic Figure Skating coliseum.

Jack Daniels is my friend.

It wouldn’t be so bad, but three of the teachers are remarkable, demanding, challenging, awesome. They work my brain, they draw things out of there I didn’t know existed, and then they make me work with the stuff that pops out of it.

And I love it.

I’ve learned so much, that as my friend Kelsey says, I’ve grown new wrinkles in my brain.

And I’m still learning. And next month, I’ll be learning more.

Why’s that?

Why because I’ve signed up for five MORE online classes, that’s why!

Send the valium – please. And my hair colorist. She’s got a big job ahead of her.


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