I’ve been buried. Maybe you haven’t noticed, maybe you’re out surfing all of those other smart ass sites.

That hurts.

But I don’t blame ya, I’ve been busy. Not just a little busy, but overwhelmed actually. I hate that.

On the good side, the silver lining, I have a request I’m turning in today, for a synopses and partial. I hope I’m turning it in today, but since I’m already 10 min late for work and haven’t gotten near the shower yet, that could change.

On the bad side, my back and hip are out from having spent approximately 10 hours a day at the computer – on top of 10 hours a day on my feet. And yes, that does add up to 20 hours a day, and yes, I’m only getting 4 hours of sleep.

I hear the Bride of Frankenstein look is back in style.

On the good news, my cold/sinus infection is finally letting go and I’m halfway through the bridal jewelry I’m making for a friend of mine. My three simultaneous online classes end next week and then I’ll be CAUGHT UP! I’ve also starting writing a YA/MG that’s halfway through chapter two.

So I’m hoping this week, things even out. I hope we have electricity for the entire week, that the sump pump keeps going full steam (heavy rains for the past two weeks here in Iowa) and that my tiny little chapter/synopsis inspires someone to smile and think hey, we’d like to sign her.

Keep your fingers crossed and your umbrella open.



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