Shake it Baby – The Wonderful World of Cocktail Shakers

For those of you who know me – hi Mom! – I’m a cocktail shaker fiend. I have the addiction mostly under control, having stopped at apprxoimately 15. But I want more.

Lots more.

So here are a few I lust after, drool over and would stroke if I could simply get close enough.

Nambé Twist 10-Inch Cocktail Shaker Sleek and silvery, with a beautiful twist. I don’t think I could set it down. Sorry customer, can you come back for your Cosmo later? I’m having private time with my cocktail shaker.

via Nerd Approved

This almost takes the fun out of a cocktail shaker….almost. The sheer coolness factor however, makes this Vortex cocktail “shaker” an almost gotta-have for any home bar. Watch those fingers!

Did you know, the original cocktail shaker can be traced back to 7000BC? Yup, certain types of gourds were used for the shaking. And those crazy Egyptians in 3500BC turned it into an art form, adding herbs and spices. But hey, they didn’t know about Sex in the City – so no Cosmos for them!

Cocktail shakers come in quite a few varieties, here’s the two most common…
The Boston Shaker: Two pieces, usually with a glass bottom and a metal top. After shaking, the bartender either strains with a cocktail strainer, or through the gap between the two pieces.

The Cobbler Shaker: Three pieces, the most common kind you see these days. The top can be used as a jigger and the strainer is built in.

The most famous line about cocktail shakers is of course Shaken, Not Stirred, from Ian Fleming’s fictional British Secret Service agent James Bond, and his preference for his martini. It was first uttered in the films by Sean Connery in Goldfinger in 1964.

Woodeyeglass from Etsy Woodeyeglass from Etsy- Woodeyeglass from Etsy

I hope you’ll visit Woodeyeglass on Etsy. He’s got absolutely gorgeous pieces I drool over on a regular basis. =)

So, there you have it. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about cocktail shakers. Or at least, everything I’m going to tell you today.



7 Responses to “Shake it Baby – The Wonderful World of Cocktail Shakers”

  • I’ve always loved the penguin shaker. I have a friend who collects Art Deco cocktail shakers. I’d collect them too, but the last thing I need is another collection.

    So, what’s your favorite drink to shake up?

    • My favorite drink to shake? We have a pretty blue martini I made up recently, Under the Sea that we get to float a Gummi Fish in. =) I’m easily entertained…lol

  • Fun stuff Carrie. Do you need a PhD to be able to use the Nambe Twist? It looks pretty intimidating. Almost like a coffee grinder for alcohol. 😉

    • Isn’t it cool???? lol..just my luck I’d never be able to figure out how to open the Twist… would just be a decorative accent…..

  • I always thought a cocktail shaker was, um, just that, a cocktail shaker … nothing exotic. Who knew?

  • Who knew? Makes my stinky $4.99 shaker from Bev Mo look like, well, a stinker.

    I looooooove the nambe, but think I’ll have to go to etsy and do a little shaker shopping.

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