The Melt in your Mouth World of Chocolate

I am a self-confessed chocoholic. I keep a bag of miniature Hershey’s by my computer at all times. At Easter I go berserk and stock up on Cadbury’s Creme Eggs. Halloween and Christmas are marked not by glass ornaments and creepy pumpkins, but by the enormous variety of individually wrapped candies.

I’m in sheer pig-chocolate heaven then.

But little did you know! that chocolate, eaten in moderation, lowers blood pressure. Or that chocolate drinks date back to 1100 BC? that chocolate is dangerous to cats and dogs?

Ah, but now you know. And here’s some more fun links to take you deep into the dark and luscious world of chocolate.

Chocolate High Heeled Shoes Even I, a die-hard sneaker fan would ooooooo and ahhhhh over these high heels. From Gayle’s Chocolates, each shoe is approximately 7″ long of delicious fashion in it’s own carry-all. Wouldn’t that make a great gift for Imelda Marcos?

You won’t believe these guys. The ultimate in chocolate shops – from bean to bar. Mast Brothers are uniquely dedicated to the fineness of chocolate to the point of simple amazement.


Chocolate Beauty Spa
Ahh…on this one, I’m just saying no. No way.

The New York Chocolate Fashion Show Seriously? I can’t hold M&M’s in my hand for more than 30 seconds. How would I walk down a catwalk wearing chocolate underwear?

10 Unusual Things Covered in Chocolate Including the ever popular Choco Bacon, of course.

An advertising campaign for Zaini Chocolate. Prepare to giggle.

A four foot tall Chocolate Moose. Need I say more?

I admit to never trying chocolate bacon, my tastes run rather to Hershey’s with almonds. The occasional Mounds bar. Anything from Cadbury’s.

Which brings me to my final story. My husband, from England, admits that Cadbury used to truck in their mistakes to their farm. I said realllly????? ( A dream come true) Yes, he replied. They feed it to the pigs.

Oy. Now that smarts.



20 Responses to “The Melt in your Mouth World of Chocolate”

  • Oh man, those had to be some happy pigs. Cadbury pigs = chocolate bacon? lol

  • Haha. I used to go crazy at Easter time too with those mini Cadbury eggs. Mhmm… Alas, chocolate gives me migraines that persist for 7-10 days. *sniff* Oh, and the chocolate bacon? No way.

  • There’s a cupcake bakery in my town that sells chocolate bacon flavored cupcakes. I think it’s kind of like chocolate and pretzels. That sweet and salty combination.
    Excuse me…..I need to throw some M&M’s in my mouth….
    Aw that’s better.
    I like chocolate too. And now I’m hungry for it. Who knew they made so many things out of chocolate!!

  • Jen:

    I’m a fan of Almond Roca. I see that pink can and my brain derails.

  • Oh man … this was not an easy post to read when there is no chocolate in the house. Sorry … gotta go … if I walk quickly (don’t want to make a scene by running hysterically down the street), I should be in contact with chocolate in about five minutes (dark Belgian with almonds). Thanks Carrie!

  • I am so ordering some of those chocolate shoes as gifts. Fahhhbulous!

    My favs: mini Cadbury eggs and chocolate covered pretzels. YUM!

    • Aren’t they awesome! And they’re BIG! I was shocked…..6-7″ long? They’d make a great gift for someone who has everything…

  • Chocolate, while delightful, doesn’t hold precedence over other treats for me. Wow, I got to escape chocoholic land! Thanks for the laugh at the end of the post. I’m still smiling.

  • It’s always fun to be here on your blog Carrie. I love chocolate and there’s just something about Easter that brings out the worst in me. All those pastels… ah, but I digress. I love the shoes, the moose and the big hen with the giant eyes.

    Have you ever tried those pastel Cadbury ( they could be Hershey) eggs that have the crunchy pastel candy coating? Oh my. Only available at Easter. Purple bag. I’ll remind you.

    • both Cadbury and Hershey have the pastel eggs…and i LOVE them……I buy bags and bags…lol…and people buy them for me as presents……sad isn’t it? =)

  • Kate, I think it is Cadbury. Yummmm.

    I keep a bag of Lindt dark chocolate truffle things in the freezer so when I’m having a chocolate craving I can savor one. I’m losing weight, so I have to limit myself. Damn. It was so much more fun when I could just snack on kisses all day!

    Love the bunny with huge eyes, but the shoes and spa? Hmmm, not so much.

  • Choco Bacon. Uhhhh, I can dig that. I’m from The South, and our cooking mantra is: If you can’t grill it or deep fry it, put a little pork product in it, i.e. you can’t grill or deep fry turnip greens, so you put a little ham in it for flavoring. So, yeah I can see choco bacon working. I’m just saying. 😉

    • lol….I’m not sold on the choco bacon Kerry – that’s not saying I wouldn’t TRY it, but I’d have to make a few faces first….=)

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