What was I thinking?

What was I thinking? I’ll tell you. Obviously I wasn’t thinking!

This month I signed up for 5 online classes. Five. Cinco. Waytoomany. It seemed like a good plan, my other job is always slow this time of year, bring it on!

Unfortunately almost all five classes are run by superior instructors who demand a lot of information and homework from their students. Which is a good thing! Otherwise it’s just someone throwing information at you and hoping you’re listening.

And while I whine and moan and complain about the homework, let me just say there are people out there who shouldn’t be taking an online class. The woman who wrote to the entire class and said, sorry, I’m too busy to take this class right now….. Then why did you sign up sweetie? The teacher is here to teach those who want to learn..if you don’t want to learn, keep your email to yourself….or the one who said, gee it must be nice that none of you have to work as hard as I do, that’s why I’m behind in my homework. I personally hold down a full time job and have 3 companies of my own. But my homework is in on time.

But my favorite is people who argue with the instructor, as if they know better. One of my instructors has been published 54 times. And one lady in class actually told her she didn’t want to learn part of the lesson (on enneagrams) because she found them worthless. Published 54 times vs. unpublished. Let me think…..who would I rather listen to? Pissed off the instructor royal too. I don’t blame her.

Another instructor posted that we were to post no more information until she finished going through our first lesson. So what did people do? You got it, started posting lesson two, even though she hadn’t finished going through their first lesson. WHAT IS SO HARD ABOUT THAT TO UNDERSTAND? But I’ll be darned if people didn’t start throwing nasty comments left and right, and distracting the entire list with hundreds of emails with brilliant thoughts like “I think that too.” or “Oops, so I didn’t read that.”

Get a clue people. If you’re on a class list, you’re showing upwards of 100 people what an idiot you are every time you post on top of filling our email boxes with useless junk.

ok, done ranting, back to the regularly scheduled program. =)

So, I’m learning. And I’m doing about 10 hours worth of homework a week. And this week, yes this very one, is the one two of my instructors say is going to be THE WEEK. This week will make it or break it, this week will be the hardest one.


So it’s time for me to don my cape and tights, suck it up and get back to my homework…one of the classes is already over, so I’m down to just four.

Sounds like a walk in the park eh?


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