When creativity strikes – Jewelry, book covers, websites and well . . . more!

Sometimes I need outlets for creativity. Then you should write more, Carrie! (I can hear those words in my head, even if you didn’t actually say them out loud)

So, I design.

Sometimes it’s stupid stuff. A t-shirt with a goofy saying. An origami dollar bill. A tower made out of cheese.

And other times, I actually make things worthwhile. Jewelry, book covers. A tower made out of cheese.


So, here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

Lord Midnight

A book cover for Donna Cummings

A website for a small town near here.

The outside sign for our restaurant.

10 Responses to “When creativity strikes – Jewelry, book covers, websites and well . . . more!”

  • Woo, Carrie, you are talented in many areas. I think the need to create must be hardwired in our brains, and those that never find an outlet are the unhappy ones.

  • How. Do. You. Do. It??? I’m in awe … truly! Those t-shirts would sell like hotcakes at writers’ conferences!

  • You are a very creative lady, Carrie. I love how versatile your talents are. Creative people are happier too! 🙂
    BTW, my critique group LOVES your t-shirts. We are actually going to wear them this Thursday to our weekly meeting and take some photos. Each of us has a different design!

  • Shut the front door! You made all these things? I’m in awe. Total awe of your creativity. Where’s the picture of the cheese tower? I’d like to see that.

    I have to order that t-shirt. Any chance it would be here by the 17th for my writers’ conference? It’s awesome!

    No, I correct that ~ YOU’RE awesome!

    • Tameri…ask Angela how fast she got hers! I shouldn’t think it would be a problem…click on the shirt, i think it’s linked ( I HOPE) to the correct page….
      Sorry, the cheese tower didn’t make the camera. Between me and the cats, it went down pretty quick. =)
      and thanks! =)

  • Callene Rapp:

    I’m holding out for the cheese tower!

    Seriously, those are awesome designs! Can I tap you do do my book cover? Of course I have to actually write the book, but minor details, right?

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