150 days and counting

So I’ve been writing like a madwoman.

And I sent off my Mills and Boon first three chapters and a synopsis yesterday. And I’m working on my SYTYCW synopsis and chapter one today to send off on Wednesday to Harlequin. AND I’m trying to finish up my MG for a contest on December 30.

Things have been a wee bit crazy.

Oh, and I started a new story, a Christmas one. =)

So, what do I do in my spare time? lol…I seem to have become the door person for the cats. Let them in, let them out. Rinse, lather repeat.

Although, I do have to say I’m quite thrilled to be writing as much as I am. I belong to a group where you post your daily writing totals. When you get to 100 days of writing with no days off, you win a virtual tiara. As of today, I am at 150 days straight of writing over 100 words a day.

When I did nano, I wrote in the thousands every day. Now, I’m back down to less than 500, but still attacking the keyboard on a regular basis. On my days off, I generally get 2K or more.

For me, it pays to hold me accountable to a group. My writing level has gone up, I’m finishing projects and starting new ones. And my writing skills have improved. Um, my crit partners might not agree with that….lol…but I feel they have.

Guess I just need someone to kick my in the rear every day.


Thanks Club100 for being the kicker!


6 Responses to “150 days and counting”

  • well done Carrie and keep going. That’s a hellotuva writing in a short span of time.
    Nano got me into the swing of writing and I’ve been writing every day, even if some days I write only a couple of hundred of words.
    Now, before I get back to editing my first chapter for the same comp (it’s blimmin’ 5.47am and I got up early to write), what’s MG?

  • MG is middle grade….writing a book for young boys about 8-12 years old. It’s been a blast.
    5:47 am? you crazy in the head!

  • Jen:

    Ah! I’m not the only one who didn’t know what MG stood for! As for your cats…you’re here to serve. Don’t forget that. 🙂

  • (not reminding Jen she thought it was romance books about midgets)
    my cats are currently napping, so I have a break from doorman duties!

  • I find that I definitely benefit from being part of a group that gives me added accountability. My number totals were in the thousands on the days I wrote during NaNo. (I created a schedule that allowed me to take the weekends off.) I am thrilled to have finally won NaNo and that I am still writing nearly everyday. But I must keep the momentum going as we head into the new year.

  • Roxanne, I benefit from that myself…it becomes a matter of pride, a challenge. I’m still writing daily too, but not the huge chunks I was in nano, but I’m thinking I’ll try it again next month….it isn’t something I could keep up continually!

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