A little stumble…

In my non-stop-quest to finish the book (yes, technically I’m only 4 chapters in and have a loooong way to go, thanks for rubbing it in) I admit I stumbled a bit this week.

But, I’m getting back on track. Honest.

I had double shifts, I had work trauma, I had back trauma.

But, I’m working on it! Really.

I had a migraine, stomach upset (no, I won’t share the details) and 57 emails that need answering. Now.

But, I’m kicking myself in the rear and getting back on track.

Thursday I only did 280 of the promise-to-myself 1000 words on my evenings off count. Friday, I didn’t do any.

But, it’s okay. Relax. Back in the saddle here.

Today, on my 1000 word count day, I’m already up to 847. No sweat. My running total as of 3:12 on Saturday afternoon is 13,933.


I figure I’m about 1/5 of the way done.

Yes, I know I still have a long way to go, yes there’s all the re-writing to be done, and yes, I still have double shifts to get through next week.

But – I’m going to do it.

Stick with me here, and you just wait and see.

Determination is something us asses – especially us smart asses, know a little about.



4 Responses to “A little stumble…”

  • Jen:

    Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

    Keep movin’, movin’, movin’,
    Though others are disapprovin’,
    Keep them fingers movin’ Rawhide!

    Yippee Ki Yea!

    I’m sure there’s more than a bedroll and a pot of beans waiting for you at the end of the trail. 🙂

  • i’m hoping it’s a bottle of Effen vodka and a box of chocolates! =) lol….Thanks Jen, I’m headin’ up and movin’ out! (now you know that song is going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day)


  • I think determination is what makes a writer succeed. I know that’s what I cling to alot of times 🙂

    • Thanks Sandi….I’m definitely determined! Now if I could just quit my day job, unplug the telephone and lock the cats out in the yard…..=)

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