Diving In

So, today is the day I’m diving in. Headfirst. Into rock-strewn waters. Without a life vest.

Sounds scary doesn’t it?

Well, true enough.

What am I doing that’s so terrifying?

Well, I just finished outlining the chapters of the book. THE book. The one I’m going to send to Harlequin. I have an outline, I have a plot. My characters are a bit unsure of themselves at the moment, but we’ll get to know each other soon enough. I’ll probably even get on their nerves after awhile.

I’ll be posting updates here and there as I slog along through, or begging for advice or begging for chocolate. I have no pride. =)

But most of all I’m just glad I finally have a direction.

I mostly have a direction.

It’s either going to be a heartstring-tugging-while-still-a-bit-humorous story, or a flat-out-hold-your-sides-laughing story. But either way, it’s getting started.


Chapter One.



2 Responses to “Diving In”

  • You can do it! I just always wanted to say that. Seriously, good luck and well wishes your way. I completed my 1st draft (it’s a mess) thanks to Candace Haven’s online Fast Draft/Revision Hell. It was awesome to have finished, but now I have to fix my beautiful mess.

    Once again, keep punching those keys.

  • Thanks Kiera!

    I’m up to 3132 words at the moment. woot! I took Candace Haven’s class as well, finished my first ms with a raging case of carpal tunnel, a sagging middle that I’m not sure can be shored up and 55K words. It is an awesome feeling to finish!

    Thanks for posting!


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