So, I got my first ever official rejection.

But, I’m okay. Frankly, because I don’t exactly know how to handle it…=) Do I now send a thank you for looking card? Do I curse and rant and rave? Do I print it out and throw darts at it? The options are limitless…

Probably it was just the impersonal touch to the rejection that made it not only bearable, but non-shocking. Kind of like a cut and paste rejection with no pointing fingers, no sad tears, no lingering bitter taste in my mouth.

And that kind of takes the fun out of it all. I’d expected to tear part of my hair out, sink into a depression and hole up like a hermit for days. Live on chocolate, scratch at fleas and rent my clothing. Instead I had microwave popcorn and read Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Even today, when I’m supposedly over the shock, I’m not ….depressed.


Instead, my first thought was actually – now I belong to part of the club! Margaritas for everyone!

Yeah, I’m weird that way.

I’m just moving on. Plodding along with my writing. One step after another. There’ll be more rejections, highs and lows, possible renting of clothing. Bur for now, I’m just saying –




8 Responses to “NEXT!!!”

  • Linda:

    Love your attitude and approach to this, Carrie…!
    I’ve read about Stephen King getting rejected a bazillion times over before his first success, but it illustrates how fickle the finger of fate can be. Keep writing and eventually, it will point directly at you…!

  • Oh no, commiserations on the rejection. They suck horribly 🙁

    Your attitude is wonderful though, and you’re absolutely right – move on, keep writing, and keep submitting!!

  • Hugs Carrie. 🙂 You’re taking it better than me-I cry for at least a day. Welcome to the club regardless and now it’s time to submit something else!

  • Linda…not sure how I feel about the finger being pointed right at me…lol…eek!

    Thanks Leah….I’m moving on!!!

    Kat..I’ll wait a bit longer to submit again….y’ a couple weeks…lol…..

  • I thought rejections would hurt more than they did, though it depends on what is being rejected. I submit short stories to Woman’s World magazine and those rejections actually bother me more. Received two agent rejections on a full MS in the last month and I was okay with them. I thought I was just weird but you’re making me feel better about my “this isn’t so bad” feeling.

    Every author I know dealt with rejections. Some have folders full of them. Drawers full of them. Puts us in pretty good company.

  • I’m figuring to save mine and have a nice weenie roast one day……=) with smores of course.

  • Jen:

    Great minds think alike! I was thinking we could have a party (or a seance) and then a bonfire. I’ll bring the weenies. 🙂

  • ooooooooooooo a seance……=) we can call it seance and smores….the next best thing to the RWA conference…lol

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