Off and Runnin’

When stuff comes to a head, it …well it comes to a head.

This last week is heads up for me.

  • Mills and Boon wants to see my first three chapters of Help Wanted and the synopsis
  • SYTYCW contest chapter and synopsis is due Dec. 15th. I have the first chapter done, working on the synopsis
  • I think I have my MG figured out. I’m at the halfway point, and it would seriously take me maybe two weeks of hard work to finish it
  • I still have a full request out there from Sourcebooks

So, what does this say to me?

Time to get your rear in gear, Carrie.

Feel free to toss in encouraging comments, I’m gonna need them!



5 Responses to “Off and Runnin’”

  • go for it, Carrie 🙂 you can do it! you have most of it done anyway.

    I’m half way through my synopsis for SYTYCW and still need to polish my 1st chapter

  • Just finished my synopsis (rough draft) and by golly it’s seven pages long. I was shocked. Guess I’m chattier than I thought! Off to polish it a bit, then send to CP’s. Great article on your site about synopsis writing! Keep up the grrrrrrrrrreat work!


  • thanks, carrie. I’m pleased you’re liked my little article.

    Do you use any techniques for synopsis?

  • Oh…my “technique?” lol…I write it out first like I’m telling it to someone as a story….that gets my voice in there, otherwise it reads like a police report! Then I go back through, add in the arc’s and emotions, then cross my fingers and hit send! voila! synopsis! =)
    probably not the best way to go about it, but there seems to be a synopsis gene missing in my DNA..


  • I’m afraid I also may not have a synopsis gene 😉 I have a gene of reading between the lines though, and Harlequin don’t seem to put a lot of emphasis on the synopsis; at least for the SYTYCW contest… and I hang onto it 😉

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