Plotter? Pantser? Plotster? No problem – Laurie Schnebly’s here with Plotting Via Motivation!

Too much conflict?
Not enough?
Captivating characters?
Plausible action?

Your whole story is powered by motivation, the best engine to drive a compelling plot. If you nail down ANY character’s motivation, the plot will automatically take shape with inherent, believable conflict.

Learn how to build your book, starting with the heart of GMC, in Laurie Schnebly Campbell’s month-long email class that past students have called:

“…an amazing workshop — I cut/pasted 30 pages of great stuff.”
“a terrific eye-opening experience…great tool for planning future projects!”
“I loved the interactive aspect…the process was something this Pantser could appreciate.”
“enlightening…one of the best classes I’ve ever taken.”
“ideas and worksheets were so helpful…take a daunting subject and make it do-able”
“Turning an idea into a plotted story this fast is amazing.”

Plotting Via Motivation is offered on yahoogroups from March 5-30. Registration is $30 at

My own two cents? Best class I’ve ever taken – hands down.


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