Got my synopsis back, with a wonderful crit…thanks Christie! And a few wrinkles to hammer out. I don’t mean iron, I mean hammer.

With a darn big hammer.

But that’s okay. I’m dealing with it fine, and am actually excited to get back to work on the synopsis, because now I feel I have direction. I’m close, this close!!! to having a well thought out synopsis, I’m sooooooo close to having all of the arcs. In just a few well placed sentences – and well-worded! – it’s entirely possible my synopsis will not only make sense, but that it’s RIGHT.

And that’s a huge load off my mind. Huge. Bigger than Refrigerator Perry. (and yes, that’s the only football reference I’ll ever make in my entire life)

So, what’s stopping me from leaping head first into finishing off that synopsis?


You guys have all had stuff, I know you have. Something came up. Family. My dog, my cat. Laundry. Etc. That’s all stuff. My stuff has been work, extracurricular work, and favors owed friends this past week, but the biggest stuff of all?

My new grandson was born on June 21, and transported a few hours later to NICU. That’s big stuff.

Good news is, he’s headed home tomorrow. We’re thrilled. He’ll be recuperating at home with his dad and mom and big sister Ava, but all looks good.

Now maybe Gramma can take a little stress break and finish that synopsis. Er…I wonder if anyone ever thought writing a synopsis would be an activity listed as “less stressful”?

I’m gonna guess no.



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