The To-Do List

The infernal to-do list.

I keep one. I keep two. Occasionally, I’ll have 5 or 6 of them wadded up in my back pocket, carefully listing all the things that need to be done, in some kind of smartass shorthand only I can understand.

This doesn’t stop random people at work who add their own items to my list. Buy Ashley a present. Buy Cody a present. Find Jesus.

Generally, it’s populated with items I need for work. Buy grn t. (buy green tea) or beer list (write a new beer list). Also for my web design work – fix RWR, change June page, etc. But lately, in an attempt to get more writing done, I’ve added that in there as well. Finish Chapter 3 EA. Revise Chapter One MH. And sometimes little notes to myself – raven coughs. in a bikini? make it a bulldog.

Unfortunately those little notes to the end usually end up on my What the Heck was I Thinking There list. I simply don’t remember.

I’d like to say adding writing to my to-do list has made my quite the prolific writer. Instead, it’s turned me into quite the prolific note hider. I send ’em through the washing machine most days, carelessly left in the back pocket of my jeans. Or I set them in an “important pile” so I can remember to look at them one day. Soon. Occasionally they end up actually next to my computer, and I’ll put them in my computer reminder – intent that THIS TIME I’m going to follow through the entire to-do list.

But I lie.

Somewhere out there is the perfect plan, the perfect software to keep me on track, to make me write when I have a free moment instead of harassing various people on Twitter about how to properly serve a three year old having a temper tantrum on the floor.

I’ll put it on my to-do list to look that up.



5 Responses to “The To-Do List”

  • I sympathize, because I do something similar — I write things down in notebooks, which gives me the illusion of being organized. Only I have at least a half a billion notebooks, so then I’ve got to figure out which notebook I wrote something in. LOL And when I start looking, I get distracted by notes for blog posts, random scenes, ideas for the WIP. It’s great info, when I finally find it!

  • notebooks are my downfall….i probably have 20 entire stories in notebooks alone…not that I’ll ever find them!

  • I keep a to-do list at the day job from time to time, but once I get the list down to only two GIANT things, I shuck the list. I never keep a to-do list at home because if I did, just looking at it would make me so exhausted I’d never get anything done.

    Unlike you, I only write one project at a time so my writing list would simply say WRITE! Which I’ve been doing, by some miracle.

    At least you can scratch that RWR thing off your list. LOL! I hope!

  • Terri, I’ve ALMOST got RWR off my list..hopefully today! I’m soooo glad you guys like your new site!

    Myst list never gets finished either…there’s always a couple left that get transferred onto a new list or washed with a pair of jeans.

    I never get to write the end!!!


  • The only things I keep in my back pocket are my ID and debit card. (And now all pick-pockets will be hunting for my ass.) Can’t tell you how many times I’ve washed them.

    The list never ends. EVER.

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